ID 2020: Will You Take The Chip?

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I’m getting tired of typing and saying ‘never let a good crisis go to waste,’ but it’s becoming clearer every day that the COVID-19 crisis is being exploited by wicked people for their monstrous ambitions.

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2 thoughts on “ID 2020: Will You Take The Chip?

  1. Agree. All of this folds in well with end-of-times Biblical scenarios. Bill Gates might be an agent of the Anti-Christ.

    Note Ann Barnhardt on same subject:
    “The Mandatory “Vaccine” is the entire point, and thus Hydroxychloroquine will be ignored or suppressed”
    “Because this isn’t actually about public health. This is a massive fraud and psychological operation and crime against humanity and peace whose objective is to force humanity into permanent totalitarianism under the guise of a “vaccine”. Banking, the ability to buy and sell, employment, movement, shelter, ALL will be tied to “proof of vaccination”.

  2. The vaccine,chip, tattoo or whatever form it comes in is NOT to be taken. Throughout Christendom this message rings loud and clear. If one takes the chip the chip it would alter ones DNA etc resulting in one entering satans realm and eventually Hell.
    The chip once taken cannot be removed. Bulgarian Orthodox Church prophecy wing (marykfilms)gives a detailed analysis of what happens to the recipient. They will indulge in riotous behaviour and then suffer from boils etc causing excruciating pain etc They will seek death but it will not come. Also one should not accept food from one who has taken the chip.

    Jesus says many Christians will accept the chip,Sad. He stressess that the chip cannot be forced on you, He will ensure that. It can only be accepted by one’s free will. Refusal could lead to FEMA camps, torture and even death but fear not like the early Christians as I am with you and will give you the strength to endure whatsoever comes and joyously receive you into eternal life on martyrdom.

    The Bulgarians have also said that God has created shelters where angels will guide and food would be multiplied there by His grace.

    Tough times ahead ………….


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