How The Papal Grinch Stole Christmas

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They’ve already canceled Christmas in the Vatican. But at least they’ve….gifted(?)….us with some weird art.




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One thought on “How The Papal Grinch Stole Christmas

  1. Art reflects the soul of the artist and its admiration the soul of the viewer. Good art reflects reality as God made it. What we have with latest Vatican Christmas creche is art that reflects the state of current state of man in all its distortion and ugliness, It is an example of unreality and evil reflecting the present mind of the Vatican and correspondingly their view of humanity.

    As far as cancelling Christmas Catholic services is concerned most Catholics have already become inured to the Church’s general laxity as we have known for some time that only 25% of Catholics go to Mass weekly. In fact many Catholics will commend the Vatican on its Christmas actions in the interest of health and concern for humanity.

    What is to be done? It would appear at this stage of the game serious Catholics should be praying for Divine Intervention to save the Church, to save humanity.


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