Holy Bishop Warns The Church That The Synod Is Poisoning The Faith

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Bishop Schneider will never get a promotion. Not under Francis.






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2 thoughts on “Holy Bishop Warns The Church That The Synod Is Poisoning The Faith

  1. Hi Anthony,

    Interesting … the pot is boiling everywhere and your post this day comes with news from Steubenville ( link provided below ) .
    There is much to speculate about Bishops actions . But what does the Franciscan University have in common with the Trinitarians of Mary ? They have traditional faithful ( professors and theologians ) , they have Apostolates ( St.Paul Biblical Society), They TEACH youth . They TEACH The Word . So .. did Dr.Hahn make the “bad list “ Hmmmmm ?

    Blessings, Dr. Scott


  2. Bishop Schneider is absolutely correct. The ENEMIES of the Traditional Church are in apostasy as are many of its cardinals and as Pope Benedict stated before his death: The majority of bishops have lost the faith. The “WORLD” IS THE DOMAIN OF SATAN; HE IS THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD. John 23rd opened the Church to the world when he called the V2 Council. No pope had ever called a Council on such a whimsical idea. Francis is a Mason and as such he is protected. He will continue to destroy Holy Mother Church because this is his mission. Are we going to allow him to do so? I can’t answer that but I have to say that a decision has to be made by every practicing Catholic as to what he/she should do to protect themselves and their families. I myself made that decision almost 2 yrs. ago after much prayer and discernment. I left the Novus Ordo church and became a member of a Traditional Catholic church; it was the very best decision to make in this dire situation. I have no regrets.


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