High Profile Cardinal Declares Support For Cardinal Burke’s Dubia While Heretics Celebrate New Blessings

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The James Martin community in the Church is overjoyed at Francis’ new declaration for blessings of unnatural unions.






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2 thoughts on “High Profile Cardinal Declares Support For Cardinal Burke’s Dubia While Heretics Celebrate New Blessings

  1. I am reading a book called Saint Pius V by Roberto de Mattei and I find it interesting that Pius V had a massive cleanup job after the mess that was left by some less than good popes like Leo X and his predecessors. I mention this in response to your comment that once pope Francis is through with his pontificate, there will be those who scatter from the Catholic Church and following the likes of the Luther’s and Calvin’s of the past. Like Bishop Schneider, I pray that we get a holy man that will follow pope Francis. There seems to be historical hope that we can lean on.

  2. [ all emphases are mine ]

    Bravo! . . for Cardinal Müller and Cardinal Burke,
    both thoroughly grounded in the supernatural,
    the Eternal, in death, purgatory, Heaven, and Hell.
    Whereas these Teilhardians and imprisoned Modernists,
    and “latter day Franciscos” blather on and on.
    Their speech is firmly rooted in the temporal. These
    cannot POSSIBLY conceive of the Sacred, Sin, Eternal
    Salvation and Damnation. These Realities have
    been cancelled in their blinkered, disobedient

    @2:50 ff ” . . about concepts such as the trinity
    and the immaculate conception . . ” are not
    concepts. The Church doesn’t go around clarifying
    concepts. Concepts can easily be clarified by
    normal human reasoning.

    The Church clarifies Realities, SUPERNATURAL

    @3:00 ” MERE disciplines” ?? Really? Try them
    some time!

    @3:30 ” . . the CHURCH EVOLVES as I T ‘responds
    prayerfully, pastorally etc. etc. yadda, yadda . . ”
    All by itself. Automatically. In a vacuum. No competent
    theologians needed. Teihardians like Bishop Stowe
    are word-spinners detached from Reality.

    To your question, has Prairie Grandpa “heard anything
    about this” locally? Nothing, except our [ Ordinairiate
    Parish ] prays for Papa Francis, our Bishop, King Charles,
    and our Provincial Premier at every Mass. We’ve been
    strongly admonished NOT to mess with Papal decisions,
    sayings, and decrees, those being way beyond the
    ordinary Parishioner’s “pay grade”.

    Prairie Gramps has read both Archbishop Vigano’s
    letter and Bishop Schneider’s response. The latter’s
    is almost heart-stopping. The Bishop says that, just
    as the father of a household can’t willy-nilly be
    declared NO LONGER father of that household [ whether
    a saint or a swampy derelict ], neither can Papa
    Francis be deposed.

    “ . . one should respectfully correct him (avoiding purely
    human anger and disrespectful language) and resist
    him as one would resist a bad father of a family. Yet
    the members of the family could never declare that
    he has automatically forfeited his fatherhood or been
    deposed as father. They CAN correct him, refuse to
    obey him, separate themselves from him, but they
    cannot declare him deposed.” Bishop Schneider continues:

    “Good Catholics know the truth and must proclaim it
    erring pope. Since the case of a heretical pope is
    -NATURAL faith, implore God’s intervention. For
    an individual erring pope is not eternal, and the
    Church is not in our hands but in the hands of
    Almighty God.

    We must hold on to supernatural faith, trust,
    humility, and a LOVE OF THE CROSS in order
    to endure such a tremendous and extraordinary
    trials [ which the Bishop HAS done, being raised
    under Communism by HEROIC parents, especially
    his mother ] . . . we must not yield to overly human
    reactions and seemingly easy solutions by
    declaring the invalidity of a pontificate, but instead
    be sober and alert, keep a truly supernatural outlook,
    trust in divine intervention and THE INDISTRUCTABILITY
    of the Catholic Church.
    + Athanasius Schneider “


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