Heretic Priests Openly Call For A New Church Built On Sin

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The Association Of US Catholic Priests strikes again.




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4 thoughts on “Heretic Priests Openly Call For A New Church Built On Sin

  1. When will God raise up another Giusepi Marto [ Pius X ]
    and deliver a fatal “sucker punch” to these rotters? . . or a
    “pack of Rotweilers” [ Josef Ratzinger ] among them, to
    fatally confuse them with their own unfounded sophistry?

    Punishment . . is there still such a thing? Hasn’t it been
    cancelled? The only punishment left is BEING cancelled,
    as WEF “Cotton” Schwab Klaus (and his wife!) promise
    to do to us serfs . . and “like it’.

    I’m ending up with St. Angela Merici, always a favourite
    and apt model, perhaps because I was taught as a
    youngster by Ursulines.

    Angela also lived in a time of strife AND famine,Her
    ideas so “progressive” that, more than 25 years after
    her death, her Ursuline [ teaching ] communities [ more
    like today’s secular Institutes ] were saddled with the
    customary medieval cloister and choral office.

    A few quotes from St. Angela will provide her historical

    “Disorder in society is the result of disorder in THE FAMILY.”
    [ She formed and taught new generations of girls to be
    responsible mothers of families ]

    “Consider that the devil doesn’t sleep, but seeks our ruin
    in a thousand ways.” [ Today, exorcist Fr. Ripperger reports
    that the Demons KNOW their time is short. Ah! . . hope
    without limits. ]

    “You will accomplish more by kind words and a courteous
    manner than by anger or sharp rebuke, which should
    never be used except in necessity” [ . . which were key
    traits of both St. Peter Canisius and St. Francis de Sales
    in their respective fields of reclaiming fallen-away
    Catholics, Canisius in Germany, de Sales in France
    and Switzerland. ]

    “Beware of trying to accomplish anything by force.”

    “Keep to the ANCIENT WAY and CUSTOM of the Church,
    established by so many Saints under the inspiration of
    the Holy Spirit [ NOT the “Spiriit” of synodality ! ] . . Pray,
    get others to pray, that God NOT ABANDON His Church,
    but reform it as HE PLEASES, and as HE SEES BEST
    FOR US, and more to HIS HONOUR AND GLORY.”

    1. corners, Thank you for expressing so eloquently what many of us believe. We know, through scripture and the visitations of our Blessed Mother, that God’s holy Church will prevail despite any appearances to the contrary. Keep the faith!

      In Hoc Signo Vinces!

      1. Both my wife and my brother AL have at one time
        said, “Bob, you have a way with the words!”. Yes,
        I’ve always loved composing.

        But today —with almost total obfuscation from
        Church leadership —I sometimes wonder if
        stowing away in Sacred Silence (God’s and in
        His Real Presence in Tabernacles globally) isn’t
        a better option . . praying and awaiting a Day
        of Liberation.

        In any case, thank you for your millennial rallying
        cry, “Keep the Faith!”.

        ” . . through scripture and the visitations of our
        Blessed Mother . . ” Yes! . . Heaven does watch
        over us . . T H E living Foundation for that
        rallying cry !!

  2. The bishops and prelates who allow them to function are not real bishops and not members of the true Church. Let the dead bury their dead.


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