2 thoughts on “Heretic Cardinals Warn Bishops Not To Try To Change The Faith Without Francis

  1. The devil thought he killed the Son by killing His visible Body and was mistaken that it was enough. He is trying again to kill the body. Both events result in enormous suffering. We have not suffered much–yet.

  2. WHERE, in all this, is there ever a mention of —or a
    turning to —Mary, Mother of the Church, OUR Mother ??

    Are we Lay people being bamboozled by old-fashioned
    back-room boys? . . a-moral, thinly-veiled misogynists? . .
    to say nothing of hatred of FREELY human, baptized &
    adopted, children of the Father ??

    Then there’s Francis their boss (literally!), rejector of
    the Papal title of “VICAR” of Christ, yet self-proclaimed
    devotee of Our Lady, UNTIER OF KNOTS: where is
    THAT “Francis” ? Or does Francis, while playing the
    diehard schools against each other, come out, once again,
    with his “via media”, and actually believe HE’s the untier of
    the latest knots, setting at ease all knotty squabbles and
    squabblers ?

    NOTHING here but MORE ” .. hippie-dippy .. ” language,
    [ a choice description Anthony! ] proper to POLITICAL
    fabrications by those back-room boys.

    By the way, last I heard, ( @11:80 ff ), National Episcopal
    Conferences have NO Episcopal authority; INDIVIDUAL
    Bishops do . . over their OWN Diocese.

    Fake “group dynamics” —i.e. synodalist plumbing of the
    unfree, hurts-choked practising (or not) Catholics and
    , — betrays a soft-pedalled Marxist approach,
    where synodal parish COUNCILS easily deserve the 70 yr
    old (recently defunct) Russian term, “SOVIET” [ meaning
    “COUNCIL” ] . . in other words, we’re looking at the re-making
    of a USSR (Union of Socialist Soviet Republics) . . for now
    lamely termed the Synod on Synodality , (preferably)
    the United Modernist Soviets of Synodality.

    Y’all’s remain merely in the human plane.

    Where the (QUEEN) Mother (of the Church) is NEVER acknow-
    ledged, the ETERNAL FATHER also remains a fiction . . to say
    nothing of the SON, CHRIST THE KING !



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