Heretic Cardinal And Possible Future Pope Says Grotesque Sins Please God

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Because apparently God wills sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance.




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3 thoughts on “Heretic Cardinal And Possible Future Pope Says Grotesque Sins Please God

  1. “The Society of Jesus has surged to the heights of command of the
    Catholic Church as never before! ..” ( @2:11 ff )

    In his THE JESUITS, Malachi Martin clearly traces the new Jesuit
    path, from: it’s OK to NOT believe in God half way through the 1800s;
    the full espousal of Modernism, with both Jesuit and Church leadership
    now detaching from obedience to democratic freedom, to be in sync
    with the World; firmed up by Jesuit General Congregation #31;
    Latino Liberation Theology, who’s humiliating poison John-Paul II
    experienced at the hands of Nicaraguan Jesuit Cardenal; to
    “beckoning everyone else to say goodbye to what John XXIII had
    loved and Ignatius of Loyola had honoured . . ”

    After the death of Father General Janssens in Oct. of 1964, ” .. the
    stage was set for the new face of jesuitism .. a face that bared its
    teeth in such an ugly and humiliating grimace at the Papacy of
    John-Paul II not 20 years later.”

    In short, within one century there was a complete “make-over”
    of the Society of Jesus, a democratization, in opposition to the model
    and mould of St. Ignatius himself and the Popes of 400 years.

    Pope Francis’s digital “Light Infantry” EFFECT A DISCONNECT
    between Christ and His Church and the guarded millennial
    Legacy contained in the “rigid” Sacred Deposit of Faith, while
    the on-going fabrication of a false christ and a false church
    proceeds apace . . brain-child of Marxist Globalist ideology.

  2. Unless and until the Church comes to grips w/the fact that Francis is a formal heretic and therefore cannot, according to Canon Law, actually be the pope because as a heretic he has excommunicated himself, we will continue to experience the death of the true Catholic faith. All this constant hashing and rehashing of his actions is becoming inane. Either those in the hierarchy who have the responsibility and duty to act on this outrageous issue with a formal condemnation of this usurper, or if not, we will enter into full schism and the faith is lost. Do any of these prelates in Church hierarchy think they are going to be able to keep putting this abomination at bay and pretend it will go away by itself when we know Francis is plotting to continue the destruction of the faith as his main goal by promoting his Jesuit puppets to finally attain their goal of formally installing Satan as their god? God is still in charge and those of us who follow the true faith will in the end prevail. That is what we truly believe and follow in our actions.


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