2 thoughts on “Heretic Bishops Demand Francis Accept Revolutionary Changes

  1. Why do serious aberrations always seem to
    come out of Germany? “I know it better than

    Classical German elitism popping its PROUD head
    above us lower classes again. The SAME false
    pride which “floated” Hitler and his Nazi SS for
    twelve of their vaunted “Thousand-year Reich”.

    That kind of pride can take ANY erroneous intellectual
    preference and fight blindly for its legitimacy.

    It HATES the Cross ! It is anything but Catholic,
    deviating as it does from the Church’s Sacred
    Deposit of FAITH.

    Hence the state of SPIRITUAL lukewarmness. I
    wouldn’t want to be there to clean up the “vomit”
     —though I’m a retired janitor from a University,
    and quite professional in such clean-ups —which
    CHRIST promised would come out of HIS Mouth
    whenever He had to deal with the lukewarm.

    @8:40 ff. ” . . in the service of a [ latterday Lutheran ]
    church . . that takes [ THEIR Protestant ] gospel
    to heart . . ”

    On and on. Discuss, discuss, discuss.

    But Our Lady had said DECADES ago that ” . . the
    time for discussion is over . .”

     —To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, 1973  —
    1997. per Fr. Stefano Gobbi, the Marian Movement
    of Priests.

  2. Most Loved Anthony ,

    Your question today asked, “Is this the work of The Holy Spirit ? “

    In keeping with your quote of Francis, “This is the work of The Holy Spirit”, the short answer is “yes” , BUT today with clarification .

    Each and everyone of us , when we conform our hearts and minds to God’s Will, becomes an instrument of The Holy Spirt . YET , not all instruments are aware they are doing God’s Will when they think they are doing God’s Will ?

    I agree with you, that’s funny phraseology, so I elaborate – a heretic can be doing God’s Will . God’s Will allows the heretics free will. To the extent anyone’s choice is sinful, God hands the sinner over to themselves, allows anyone of us to choose a hardening of our hearts (Pharos, Egypt , Exodus ).

    So God used Pharos and Egypt to manifest His Glory !!! There is a Red Sea moment about to arrive . The Holy Spirit in action with the tears and wheat of His Church will reveal His Glory . Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph in union with His Most Sacred Heart .

    BTW I share with you an Interesting observation:
    Dow Jones average closed yesterday : 33,666.34

    So , by biblical numerology :

    God , by name Elohim , appears 33 times in Genisis
    Jesus age 33 at death and resurrection ; ergo eternity has an “age” of 33

    Revelation 13:18: 666 is the number of the beast , and a man

    3+ 4 = 7 = completion and perfection

    Also 3 = Devine wholeness, completion, and perfection

    4 = completeness , 4th day creation of sun , moon , stars

    AND if you take the two 3’s from the front of Dow close , and the one 3 from the back of Dow close , when combined with the one 4 , then = 777 !!!

    So what happened yesterday ?
    Investigation of Biden crime family and governmental corruption and exposure of governmental cover ups begins …. Impeachment soon to follow. Exposure of Church Corruption and heretics to follow ( next date of significance October 13,2023 )

    Meaning by Numerology ?

    God in His Perfection has evil completely surrounded and isolated !!! 777 Infinitely more powerful then 666 .
    Evil has lost . God wins . Julie Greens prophecies are coming to pass and God’s Will will prevail !! Praise His Holy Name !!


    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )


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