Heretic Bishops Again Warned by Rome Not To Embrace Heresy Without Rome

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Wait for us, is basically the message the German bishops are getting from Rome.




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One thought on “Heretic Bishops Again Warned by Rome Not To Embrace Heresy Without Rome

  1. A-a-ah, Anthony, “openness” . . ? From the internet dictionary:
    1/ “The openness of the internet makes PUBLIC DEBATE more
    possible.” [ Isn’t this what “synodality” is all about ?? ]
    2/ “Lack of secrecy or concealment” 3/ “The quality of not being
    covered with buildings or trees, as in: the openness of the
    Western landscape” [ prairie Grandpa here experiences this
    daily . . with AWE . . cows having breakfast on stubble ALL DAY;
    the “foot” hills; the horizon-to-horizon big, always-changing
    dramatic, SKY! ].

    But G.K.Chesterton insists that “an OPEN MIND” needs some-
    thing solid to clamp down on . . like Truth.

    Enter the Sacred Deposit of Faith:ALREADY defined, organized,
    preserved, and guarded for millenia.. covering Scripture, Dogma,
    Papal Teachings, and the Wisdom of the Saints —ALL of which
    continue to REMAIN so —including ALLOWING FOR current
    and future TRUE development of Doctrine, à la St.John Henry

    Plenty of Truth HERE and NOW for the mind to “clamp down on”,
    to digest, and to become configured to Christ with . . Christ
    Crucified and Risen.

    “When we have left this world, we shall no longer be able
    to repent and confess our sins.” ( 2nd Century Homily) . .
    ” Ongoing conversion is the CEASELESS work of the whole
    Church . . ‘How can we who died to sin still live in it?'” (Rom
    6:2-4/ 1 Jn 2:4, 8-9)
    —Robert Cardinal Sarah, CATECHISM OF THE SPIRITUAL
    LIFE, 2022, EWTN/ Sophia Press; transl. (from the French)
    Michael J. Miller, chapter 5 “A Sacrament For Conversion”.

    Meanwhile, we would to well to daily pray the conclusion
    (at least!) of the LITANY OF ST. JOSEPH:

    V/ He made him THE LORD of His House. R/ And RULER
    of all his possessions.

    Let us pray: O God, who—in your unspeakable providence—
    chose Blessed Joseph to be the spouse of Your own most
    Holy Mother, grant, we beg you, that we may deserve to
    have St. Joseph for our intercessor IN HEAVEN, whom we
    trust as our defender ON EARTH, You who live and reign,


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