Heretic Bishop To Faithful Catholics: Stop Resisting Francis & The Holy Spirit

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Ah, Cardinal Cupich.




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3 thoughts on “Heretic Bishop To Faithful Catholics: Stop Resisting Francis & The Holy Spirit

  1. Most Loved Anthony ,

    I think you are soooo close , BUT , it it is both spiritual , AND politic, AND the weapons are God’s Word and the liturgy.

    WHY so heated now ?

    You may recall, in the last month FBI memo released which targeted traditional Catholics as might conform the practice of their faith to domestic terrorists .

    To be sure , if FBI infiltrated church in Virginia ( I recall ) , this certainly is only the tip of the iceberg? KNOW , FBI likes to follow money transfers , they connect motivations to where money is going , and with frequency present information to attorney generals which make the “money guys” criminal – not for their religious belief BUT for a crime like money laundering,fraud, tax evasion .

    Soooo, if FBI is investigating someone , hypothetically connected to “mafia”, they might even interview those that got money ( donations ) as to investigate the relationship . The interview then injects by innuendo a denunciation of the donor as bad to the “receiver” – and who would be contacted or given “prejudiced” information ? Bishops !!! AND what would they do with it ? Their own investigation !!!
    AND who would they certainty inform ?
    ROME . AND who would act on the information ? Anyone with a motivation of power and greed ( evil spirits ) as might invoke The Holy Spirt , to use any information , even if bullshit , to go after their target ( in this scenario, for “The Church” the target becomes the receiver ( (s) who are traditional. The managers of information being being modernists relativists , they weaponize it, and go after the traditionalists for their own self serving personal gain and power – claiming “god” to be theirs and invoking The Holy Spirit when in action participatory with the temptations of evil ) .

    Real life example? What if , at its inception ,Trinitarian’s of Mary followed this pattern (cartel money on the border ? ) . What if Franciscan University of Steubenville , Dr.Hahn , St.Paul Biblical Society got money from border state parishioners with ties to mafia ? What if FBI only gives enough information to make the Bishops think the Church might be compromised in some way ?

    YES , you have it , Rome uses it throw traditionalists under the bus , nothing to do with the donation , but actions of OPPORTUNISTS . All could unfold with Frances knowing little ? Actions taken by Tiajuana Bishop first and Frances told McElroy told latter ? Mc’Elroy brought in as a “fixer” , get Tijuana Bishop out of his “mistake” who got it wrong ? AND what if the Steubenville Bishop told to “act tough” on Franciscan University to distance his Diosece with money scandals from a hypothetical money scandal alleged in secret against the good people of The Franciscan University ?

    How’s your investigation going ?

    Blessings, Raphael

    1. Layer upon layer of political/ criminal/ Vatican intrigue ! ! !

      Have you tried your hand at writing a Tom Clancy-style
      espionage novel, Mr. Forrer . . maybe begin with
      Nazi-occupied Rome of 1944 and wend your way
      through the decades until you reach Pope Frankie’s
      take-down of the Church itself. Ought to be a

      Title ? Aboudabi.

  2. Good distinctions.

    Blaise Cupich? . . so far, I’ve NEVER been able to
    warm up to him. He’s TOO cravenly attached to an
    OVER-reaching concept of “Authority”, as if in the throes of
    Pope Francis’ dictatorial “CARDINAL-BISHOP-PRIEST-
    CANCELLING” record . . and on-going “smiling” threat
    to repeat.

    Cardinal Müller, on the other hand, consistently seems
    to be one of the very FEW [ to this “side-walk” observer ]
    who have actually READ and STUDIED the Documents
    ( . . like, ALL of ’em! ] of Vatican Council II . . and,
    THEREFORE, comes across as genuinely convincing
    when he uses significant quotes from V-II Documents
    to support his views on Church matters, like Governance,
    genuine Tradition, & the role of Pope & Bishops etc.

    I’ve always LIKED Card. Müller for this reason. He also,
    at the same time, communicates HIS deep love for the

    Not so Cupich; not at all !

    @10:00 ff ” . . the UNAVAILABLE SUBSTANCE of the
    Sacraments . . ” Please “unpack” . . has to be a poor trans-
    lation from the German into English, yes?


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