Heresy & Sacrilege Kick Off The Synod

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Altars of dirt? What’s next? Idol worship?


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One thought on “Heresy & Sacrilege Kick Off The Synod

  1. Thank you, Anthony, for your excellent commentaries.
    Traditional Catholics need to organize for a coordinated input to these synods. We need to be as organized as the modernists (heretics). As a start we should advocate for:
    – A complete abolition of Vatican II (cite declining statistics since VII)
    – A return to Communion rails and Communion on the tongue only
    – A removal of all “Lutheran Tables”
    – Mass to be said “ad orientum” at the main altar as before
    – A return to pre-1962 liturgy for the Mass and Sacraments
    – Perhaps as a concession point, allow for Mass in the vernacular provided it is a direct translation of the Traditional Latin Mass, with specific parts (eg at least 50%) of the Mass to be retained in Latin/Greek.
    – Do away with all future synods
    These are my thoughts, I’m not sure how this could best be coordinated, Maybe someone knows of such a coordination effort already taking place. If so, please let me know. Wouldn’t it be something if these synods are actually used to direct the Church back to tradition! I believe Bishop Fulton Sheen did say it’s up to the laity to save the church.
    “Ave Maria”


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