Has Francis Finally Destroyed Himself?

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Nearly everyone – including his sycophantic defenders – are asking serious questions about why Francis would protect a rapist who targets nuns. The only ones not asking hard questions are mainstream Catholic media.





For more information on Rupnik, see previous Video On This Topic:

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2 thoughts on “Has Francis Finally Destroyed Himself?

  1. Most Loved Anthony ,

    To answer your question,”Has Francis destroyed himself ?” asks, he or she who responds, to do so with some nuance.

    The short answer is “yes” …..BUT , like anyone of us , the actions of Francis are redeemable.

    Francis has a Ponticus Pilate problem. His conduct suggests constant “hand ringing “ , asking himself, “What is truth ?” He forgets to keep his focus on Jesus and follow “His Way” . He fails to take Jesus at His Word and know that Jesus meant what He said and said what He meant .

    To be proactive requires wisdom and judgement. It is obvious he has not prayed for these gifts with sufficient intensity . When it is necessary for a FATHER to discipline his children it is sometimes necessary to put them in “time out” ( as can be jail ) , even knowing there are “two sides” to every story.

    Will we ever know the full truth of McCarick or Rupnick ? Doubtful . But we do not need to know and neither does Francis. Proactive sometimes makes examples of situations and it’s no longer about the individual’s involved – it’s a spiritual battle against dark powers in high places . Alleged perpetrators can be brought to public scrutiny and corrective action taken. BUT it must be public and transparent that acknowledges the known facts available.

    Francis may be “too old” to be decisive ?
    He looks towards his eternity and has no vigor to do the right thing ? He , like many a progressive priest I’ve heard, may say, “Jesus can take care of himself” ( which is great if you don’t care about those who can’t take care of themselves).

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr. Scott )

    BTW the Mother Lillie and the Trinitarians of Mary fiasco is much the same . Francis could restore their integrity and Order in a heartbeat if he were not fearful of USA three letter agencies ; they were raped by fake news and left for destruction by Francis ( the red hat mafia ) who desire to facilitate evil in an acquisition of power as might amplify their personal advantage .

  2. There, but for the Grace of God, go I !

    Your question, Anthony, “Has Francis
    finally destroyed himesle?”, might be
    extended to, “Has Francis finally destroyed
    Christ and His Church” [ i.e. sent it into
    total eclipse ] ?

    Is Dictator Francis executing the final
    touches on his path of destruction with
    his “Synodal Synod”, about to being in
    days ?

    How will PARTICIPANTS escape this trap,
    escape being CAUGHT among this huge
    haul of “fish”?

    The depth of the evil sown by Rupnik’s
    deeds —OK’d by Francis —are fare worse
    than those sins declared by St. Paul [ in
    his Letters ] as not even to be mentioned.

    That leaves only Our Blessed Mother to
    appeal to, “Refuge of sinners”, “Queen of
    Heaven and Earth” AND supreme DREAD
    of all Hell’s damned.

    “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us
    sinners, now and at the hour of our death.”

    “St. Joseph, terror of demons, pray for us.”


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