GUEST SUBMISSION: Open Letter to Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas

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Letter to Bishop Strickland:

I am so disheartened by your decision to close our Churches. Bishop Athanasius Schnider said that they should not be closed as did Asb. Vigano. You are such a wonderful Bishop. This is the year of the Eucharist-then demonstrate your TRUST in HIM! We need the Holy Mass! We NEED our Lord in the Eucharist! What are you saying to all of us if you cave to the paranoia of this virus? We have survived worse! We are the Holy Catholic Church, will we run away and hide while our Lord is being Crucified?! Do we cower and lose our SUPERNATURAL FAITH! Bishop Strickland, you have stood up against all of those who opposed the Church, those wolves that are surrounding us from within. You have spoken out and up against those who profane the Word of our Lord and are hurting our Holy Church. Why, in the year of the Eucharist, would you then cave to things of this world? How could our Lord harm us?! He is above and beyond anything we can imagine and no harm can come to us who believe! My youngest daughter, who has abandoned her faith and yielded to this world was just about to go back to Church. Her faith is shaken, believing God is not real…I finally had her listening again and she wanted, on her own, to go to Mass again to see…if you, our Bishop, lead your priests to shut up our Church and lock her doors…how can you help my daughter believe in the supernatural faith again? How can she trust you or any priest, when you won’t trust Christ in this crisis?! My faith is not shaken, but I am horribly wounded and in tears for the loss this is to all! My priest had set up adoration and more confessions and people were staying and attending-praying together before our Lord! I’ve been here for over a year and haven’t seen it until now. This crisis was and should bring us together and unite us in prayer. We all remained at a distance in Mass-we took precautions as you asked. So, why then did you close the doors!?! You said, that a small miracle occurred when you did the procession and it did not rain as you had asked. I believe that too. However, a miracle happens at every Mass and our Lord, who answers small requests will answer even bigger ones! I am praying for you desperately, pleading before our Blessed Mother for her intercession for your heart to trust Jesus. Don’t lock Him away, we need Him! Not in the history of our Church is there even 1 documented case of anyone becoming sick from receiving Holy Communion. Is God not strong enough to protect those in the pews? Has He not done it before? How many converts happened during the Black Plague? How many are we missing because we shut our doors like the protestants? God have mercy on us Bishop Strickland if our faith is so small. The Year of the Eucharist must be able to withstand all assaults-this is satan’s assault on our Holy Church. He is laughing, while Christ is locked away from the faithful. Why did the Martyrs give their lives in the lions’ dens and arenas of torture for us to cower at a virus? Why did all of those early Christians, risk their lives serving those in need during the plagues in Rome? Who are we Bishop Stickland, if we are not the children of Christ and the Eucharistic people? Jesus touched the lepers; while we run and lock ourselves in our rooms… I say this, with all humility and reverence for you-but we laity are bound by Canon to speak up. Pax Christi Bishop, I pray for us all! — Holly Keller

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