Guest Submission: Do This One Thing Today

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The following is a guest submission from the blog Eutopia Today and its author V.

Do This One Thing Today..

We Are Only Promised This Moment.. Make The Ultimate Sacrifice For Your Departed Ancestors

We are all born of a mother, we will all lose someone near and dear to us in our lifetimes, and we too will all die one day. We can also agree we all have a soul. These are universal truths that bind us all.

This message is to honor the lost souls of all our ancestors, regardless of religious beliefs or any other human conditions being hurled our way these days, which drive a wedge between us and cause division.

I don’t care what religion you are, I ask you, I plead with you, to please listen to or read this in its entirety before dismissing it out of hand. I care about you and your life. I also care equally about your ancestors who have departed, especially over the last 130 plus years (137 to be exact). Those souls are the most vulnerable right now.

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