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By Nathan Horner

A few years ago, while I lived in the UK I came to a few very powerful realizations that I am unsure if many Christians or even Catholics realize. I write this now to hopefully spread these realizations, as they prove that our Faith is not just for inside the Sanctuary, even if we go more often than every Sunday. Nor that the degradation of society has no impact on us, and we can just let bygones be bygones.

At this point my family had just started going regularly to the Latin (Tridentine) Mass. We had also started, as goes along with regularly attending the Latin Mass, following the Traditional Calendar. June had come upon us and it might have been the first time I had ever realized that not only was it the Month of the Sacred Heart, but also that the secularists had declared it the month of “Pride”. I had known by now that there were “Pride Parades”, but it hadn’t struck me until then that they were always set for June. I soon looked at other months and saw that while on the Traditional Calendar, much like most days being the feast of a Saint, every month had a designated devotion to it. As well as this should have been very basic Catholic knowledge I had never been taught it in the 30 years previous.

I also already knew that some months were dedicated secularly to celebrating races, or sexes, and so on. I found myself then looking at “International Pirates Day” and seeing that it hadn’t just been the months secularly dedicated to things, but the days too. Some of these days seemed to be jesting in their dedication as the one mentioned before, others more important, like changing Columbus Day in America to “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”. And some were even more so silly like “Doughnut Day”-where everyone should partake in eating a doughnut. Yet, along with this silliness and menial sensibility I noted a hint of paganism. You may agree with me or not here, but these more minute thoughts come to a much bigger epiphany later so please read on.

The Feast of Corpus Christi came, and thankfully this grand feast was being celebrated at the Norwich Cathedral, the Catholic one, this year in the Tridentine Mass. Though it was a priest celebrating this mass, it seemed that due to its importance the Bishop of Norfolk had decided that at least all those priests, including himself, and deacons residing at the cathedral, if not all those in Norwich itself, would participate. There was a grand procession into and out of mass, which all three of my children watched with great awe. The procession itself took 10 minutes, as it had started, not from the back of the Sanctuary, but from the rectory into the cathedral to the back of the sanctuary, and then to the altar. The rest of mass was of course beautiful, but the point of this article is not to describe it, however, about what happened afterwards.

After the mass, we went into downtown Norwich, which is across a street bridge and up a few blocks further from the cathedral. In all it is about a half a mile’s walk or a little more. In downtown Norwich there is a permanent street market, which is about nine rows by six columns of steel sheds which half act as a farmers and fish market, while it also acts as quick restaurant stalls. We went to the market to find something to eat.

On our way we had noticed that many of the businesses had the multi-colored flag in their windows. Even if it wasn’t a blatantly obvious display, as some businesses definitely had in their windows, there was at least a small sticker of a flag in multiple windows. As stated I was already aware of what month it was according to the people vs the Church, so it didn’t catch me or my wife too off guard, and luckily there wasn’t anything yet that was so obscene that we had to shelter our children’s eyes.

While getting lunch, we heard drums. A parade immediately came to mind, but I didn’t think much about it, and we continued to eat in the nearby pavilion. Not long after we started eating there was a much bigger commotion than just drums beating so I stood up to look around, and let my wife stay with the children in order to continue eating. Walking a block away from where we were I saw a small squad of officers in dress uniform. This wouldn’t seem to stick out except that on the lapels and shoulder straps of each uniform were those same multi-colored flags. That was when the marching started. From what I had seen there was nothing nearly as grotesque as those overtly sexualized pride parades that occur in the States, but something told me to move my family. I gathered everyone up and we started to move, when the march had started surround the market. I made sure we picked up pace in order to escape.

“Escape what?” you may be asking. We had just had a wondrous procession to celebrate Corpus Christi, and now I found myself and my family, whom I have charge over, caught in the middle of a different type of procession. This was no mere parade. No, it is nothing like the “Macy’s Day” parade on Thanksgiving, nor those hometown parades in mid-summer heat with antique cars and groups fundraising. This was the anti-procession. I had come to realize that the “Pride parade” regardless of how grotesque, or subtle in appearance was indeed a curse, and possibly a séance.

This may sound hyperbolic to many. I know this, because even a year earlier than this, even with all of the spiritual warfare sermons and conferences from Fr. Ripperger (much worth listening to) that I had by then listened to, I would not have believed anyone else who might have suggested the same to me. Yet, let’s think about the two activities, a procession, and a “pride” parade : A procession, which is not strictly Catholic, or even Christian in nature, takes, in a Catholic sense, The Holy, or a Holy object; a consecrated host, and thus Our Lord Himself, or a statue of Our Lady and in a celebration filled with prayers parades it about, and around a church, or sometimes even a town in order to sanctify that town, or reenact a particular holy event, such a pilgrimage. A “pride” parade is taking the obscene sin that it celebrates, but it again parades it in an exuberant manner to show the whole world that those who celebrate their sin think it to be their life, and idolize it. They make their sin their “god”, and by doing so in a parade they spread it, and its vices throughout the place that the parade itself extends to.

Many exorcists agree, according to Fr. Ripperger, on not only, but for the purposes of this writing, on two things. Those are that sins do indeed change people, their habits and their minds. Also, that demons of the air are able to be released into this world by blasphemies and slurs. (This is why it is so important for us Catholics, when we hear these sins to make acts of reparation through either praying The Divine Praises, rebuking the sinner dead on, or by turning immediately off the media that it was spread through). If this is indeed true how great is the multitude of demons spread by each “pride” parade? It is a great, and horrifying thing to ponder, but I do think that it must be pondered, and greatly thought upon in order to aid us in our motivation to repair, and reconquer this country for The Faith.

May God Bless and Mary keep us all.

Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux

Non Drago Sit Mihi Dux

Vade Retro Satana

Num Quam Suade Mihi Vana

Sunt Mala Quae Libas

Ipse Venene Bibas

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