Government Tried Snuffing Out The Light Of Christ in Catholic Hospitals

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For “safety” reasons they claim.




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One thought on “Government Tried Snuffing Out The Light Of Christ in Catholic Hospitals

  1. On a “last-breathe-then-Eternity” level, the attempt to snuff
    out the Real Presence PROVES its Reality . . its LIVING
    Existence and 24/7 power to maintain His Peace in “the
    poor, the marginalized, even the spiritually dead.

    “Super-devout Catholic Joe” must be reading —sensing —
    “the writing on the wall”. What do I mean?

    Rejected and ejected fromer Russian seminarian, Joseph
    Stalin, after his long, monstrously Evil, anti-God tyranny,
    began “swinging at” unseen Demons who were terrorizing
    him ON HIS DEATH BEAD. They had come to claim HIM,
    drag him down to that other REAL Fire, “where the worm
    dieth not”. ( I neither viewed, nor care, how the recent movie
    about him portrayed his last moments on earth.)

    Similarly, death approaches “super devout” Uncle Joe
    Biden.Is his —handlers?? — attempt to snuff out the
    REAL Presence his first “swing” at REAL “phantoms”
    coming for HIM, should he remain unrepentant?

    Any practised and practising Catholic will sense the
    “dead air” in a Chapel or Church —or Hospital — where
    the Blessed Sacrament—and its tiny Living Flame —has
    been “snuffed out”.

    Fortunately, the Becket Fund people stopped the anti-
    Eucharist seculars in their tracks.


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