Get Ready. The AntiCatholic Attacks Are Coming

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With his archives to be opened a week from today, regardless of the truth they contain the people who dubbed him and by extension any traditional Catholic an anti-semite are going to have a field day.

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2 thoughts on “Get Ready. The AntiCatholic Attacks Are Coming

  1. My guess is the archives will support all the positives analysis of Pius XII efforts to help the Jews. Accordingly, the MSM will say that anything negative about Pius was concealed. Thus those who support him will have more ammunition and those who condemn him will have the new accusation of Vatican concealment. But I don’t expect much to made by the MSM about any of this as it doesn’t contribute to their myth that the Catholic Church is bigoted and evil and Pope Francis is their friend who they wouldn’t want to embarrass. And I don’t expect Pope Francis to make much of this story.

    Now, if Pope Francis really wanted to do something good for a change he would set about efforts to make Pius a saint. That would get the media’s attentions. And that’s why Francis will probably not do it as he appears to value the media’s opinion of him more than anything else.


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