German Priest Defy The Church By Publicly Blessing Evil

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Sin is evil. Blessing sin is blessing evil.




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One thought on “German Priest Defy The Church By Publicly Blessing Evil

  1. Thank you, Anthony !

    Am studying the intricacies of the facade of Cologne
    Cathedral [ in photo provided ]. That massive Gothic
    monument [ see Wikipedia ] named after St. Peter,
    by the way, and visited By 20, 000 daily, could
    NEVER have been designed and built by formal

    It was built in the “Age of Faith”. It was built in honor
    of “the The Three Kings”, and for visiting Royalty.

    Begun in 1248, halted in 1560, with attempts to
    complete it around 1814, Cologne Cathedral was fully
    funded in the 1840s and completed to its original
    Medieval plan in 1880.

    It being “a masterpiece of exceptional intrinsic value”
    and “a powerful testimony to the STRENGTH and
    PERSISTENCE of C H R I S T I A N BELIEF in Medieval

    There it stands today, an immovable witness to
    “the Age of Faith”, and a Referee against the
    mealy-mouthed mutterings of formal heretics
    and baseless change-makers.


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