Garabandal Predicted Synod before the Warning

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By David Martin

There have been a number of prophecies given concerning a coming celestial intervention, during which every person living will be made to see exactly how he is offending God in his life. This intervention, known as the great Warning, will be a correction of the world’s conscience and will be preceded by a period of revolution and a perfidious attempt on the part of the Catholic hierarchy to unite the Church with the world.

The historic Amazonian Synod in Rome marks a concerted attempt to unite the Catholic Church with the world, that it might be ecological, ecumenical—one-world. We see this betrayal captured live on film in a deplorable scene inside of St. Peter’s Basilica—a nude Mother Earth idol along with Pope Francis and various cardinals chanting, dancing, and praying before the statue. The synod is all about making “reparation” to “Mother Earth” for the “sins” committed against her. It bows to a planetary idol. Vatican rep denies claims that alleged ‘pagan’ statue is the Virgin Mary

The apparitions of *Garabandal, Spain (1961-1965), have spoken at length on the coming Warning, which will occur when the sin of man reaches the peak of iniquity. According to Conchita Gonzalez, the principal seer of Garabandal, the Warning will come on the heels of an ecclesial synod, which she describes as a “small council.”

Mother Nieves Garcia, a firm believer in the Garabandal apparitions who personally knew Conchita, went on record as saying that the Virgin Mary told Conchita that soon after a synod, the Warning will occur. Mother Nieves relates the following in an interview in May 2014.

“During the apparitions, the Virgin told Conchita that before the future events occur, a Synod will take place, an important Synod. Then Conchita told the story to her aunt. The aunt asked her: “Do you refer to [a] Council?” Because that was the time of the Second Vatican Council. Conchita told her aunt, “No, the Virgin didn’t say Council, she said Synod, and I think Synod is a small council.”

“It is impossible for a twelve year old girl without any knowledge and culture to talk about a Synod that didn’t exist and we didn’t know at that time, and in addition she defined the Synod as a “small council.”

“I have heard this from Fr. Rafinel, and he heard it from Fr. Pesquera who wrote some of the first books about the Garabandal apparitions. He discussed that with professor Lacques Serre who works at Paris Sorbonne University and he described that Synod as a pre-Warning. Professor wrote him many letters in which he also described that as a “pre-Warning.”

The Amazonian Synod indeed is a warning to the Church when we consider its pagan agenda and how it bows to the idol of “Mother earth.” Synodal architects even advocate that we draw from indigenous “ancestral wisdom,” which is occult language that we associate with pagan cultures like the Mayans and Aztecs who murdered their children in infanticide, just as infanticide is now practiced in the Amazon with the approval with some bishops there.

Among the graphics used to publicize the Synod is a poster of a topless indigenous woman breast-feeding a weasel to suggest that everything in creation is “interconnected” and that we are “related” to the animals.

That Rome should descend to such diabolical depths is a clear testament to the apostasy of our times. These shocking events immediately call to mind Christ’s prophecy concerning the divine wrath of the last days that would ensue in the wake of the abominations that would pollute the Sanctuary. As he says:

“When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand…. For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be. And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened.” (Matthew 24:15-22)

The abominations in Rome indeed are inciting God’s wrath. According to Garabandal, God in His mercy will first send the Warning, which if not heeded, will be followed by a great and final Chastisement.

In the meantime, let us seek to mitigate God’s holy indignation by praying against the ungodly Synod in Rome. Prayers can move mountains, so let us pray that God’s Holy Mountain can be cleansed of profanation and restored to its former position of honor as it stood before Vatican II.

* The apparitions still await the formal sanction of the Church, but Catholics should be encouraged to know that Garabandal is endorsed by respectable clergy just as it was endorsed by St. Padre Pio who encouraged his spiritual children to frequent the apparition site with belief.

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  1. PLEE

    In 1994 when I moved to a new state I was given a huge packet of information by a fellow Catholic and then realized how important my Faith really was. In that packet of information was about Fatima, Lourdes and many others, but what really got my attention was Garabandal. I studied every detail of the events and watched any movies I could get on it, and even had a friend who went there and met Mary Loli. Although since shortly after the events the Church has not made the official decision, there is enough Holy Priests at that time including comment from Padre Pio that give credence to its validity. Yes Joey L. has passed and other things have happened such as some of the girls passing now, but that in itself cannot discount what the girls were told. If you know your Faith you see the core message given was how all souls should live out their Faith. In due time God will prove this to be true for all to know…Confession, Rosary, Adoration, Holy Mass, reading the Bible will all prepare for the times ahead. “You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.” Luke 12:40. Recall Jesus said: And the Lord answered, “Who then is the faithful and wise manager, whom the master puts in charge of his servants to give them their portion at the proper time”? Luke 12:42.

    Prepare now and be ready at any time so you don’t have to worry about seasons, times and dates.

  2. Nina

    So does that mean the warning may happen in feb 2020? I’ve read that the warning will be in the month of February and after the synod.

    1. Joe D

      Nina no dates please, few Canadian catholics gave the date of the three days of darkness sometime in March 2019 and nothing happened on expected lines and on YouTube Protestants ridiculed them. God never gives specific dates we have seen this from history. Look at Nineveh or sodom or Pompeii etc, no dates but a clear warning that the chastisement would occur. Please note that though the pagan statues were in bad taste, other mortal sins like abortion, gay lifestyle, sexual sins, satanism etc are worse.
      I have been studying prophecy of all Christian denominations as Jesus loves all equally despite the errors we are in and I challenge this date, it’s from deceiving demons whose job it is to deceive us.

    2. Mary the Contrary Confectioner

      Hi Nina,
      My name is Tina,
      lol I thought I’d give you some info that has been given to me.
      August 23, 2020 will mark the 3rd year of the Revelation 12 sign, add six months to that and we have Feb.2021, or 3 1/2 years since the Great Sign of Revelation 12. If we are in the 7 year tribulation, 2017-2024, , then this matches the timing of the Warning (where two stars collide) as if you look up in google: Two Stars Colliding in Cygnus…you’ll see that they are expecting a collision of two stars in the constellation of Cygnus, the Swan, sometimes in 2022 or earlier. Even the Jewish Rabbi has written about it.

  3. Paddy Early

    Thanks for this information🙏
    We are indeed in turbulent times inside the Church and outside!
    Sadly the crisis in the world is a reflection of the disaster unfolding within the Church with apostasy and heresy👊
    We must indeed pray🙏

  4. Jennifer Pratt

    Thank you so much for this link Anthony – and many thanks to you David for the article. Very interesting. The 4 seers did do some weird things, which might be because they were ‘kids’ but all in all I do believe that Our Lady appeared to them and gave them messages for us. Also Padre Pio would not have affirmed it if it were false. Let us do our best to stay in the state of grace, visit the sacraments often and pray alot. And inform everyone we can. God bless you all. May St Michael protect us, all the angels and saints pray for us and Our blessed Lord and Our Lady keep us close in these terrible times. X

  5. Heidimarieboma

    How extremely blessed we are that Our God is going to give humanity the gift of the Great Warning. We will all have the chance to understand how we offend Him and with His Infinite Grace be able to make reparation and go to confession and be saved. Praised be Our Lord Jesus Christ and Ave Maria!❤

  6. Mariola

    Dear David Martin, thank you what you wrote, make sense pls email me the Information regarding The Warning
    thank you
    May God Bless you

    Mariola K. Paini
    PS did i draw for you portrait of Santa Vibiana ?

  7. Nancy Cucinotta

    Thanks for this beautiful, well-researched article and for opening our eyes. God’s blessings and mercy on us all

  8. Linde

    Thank you for posting this. I have not seen any comment that seriously addresses the preconditions of the prophecies which I believe (subject to the judgement of our Lord’s restored Church) our Lady made at Garabandal, Spain.

  9. Beth Watkins

    Thanks for the article. Today I happened to read about the Garabandal warning when suddenly I see your post.

    Also please see the video link.

    Last week the Byzantine Catholic patriarch solemnly declared anathema and excommunicated Pope Francis along with all the Cardinals, bishops and priests of the Amazon Synod. What does this mean? How binding is this? Does this mean there is now a schism within the Church, of the Eastern rite? Does the Vatican care that they are all excommunicated? What does this all mean?

    1. David Martin

      Re: Beth – The patriarch you mention is a patriarch of the Byzantine Church, not the head Patriarch, so it brings into question the validity of the excommunication. Deposing a pope requires that a committee of bishops led by the Roman Rite convene and draw up an ultimatum first. If it is not responded to satisfactorily, then it opens the door to announce his deposition.

  10. robill

    Excellent piece. The Blessed Mother has spoken to us in every way she can. Yet, We have not listened. And She appeared in great detail in Garabandol to 4 young ladies for 5 years. Those msgs were significant and blend well with others at that time. I believe they are real and actually did happen from the Blessed Mother. I believe St. Padre Pio and Mother Theresa. It is not so important to have the Vatican stamp,(they may not get around to giving it their blessing) and we must follow our Blessed Mother’s words, and promises, and warnings. Listen and pray.They are sent to us from her Sacred Adored Son, Jesus Christ. So, read about this and do not be caught with your lamps half full. Thank you Anthony for your good works! Ave Maria.

  11. Joe D

    The warning is God’s final act of mercy as every human will see themselves in Heaven/ Purgatory/Hell as if life ceased then.Without this many would carry on with their errant ways and continue on the way to Perdition.
    I study Prophecy of the Orthodox/Catholics/Protestant and an interesting Born Again prophecy is that winter 2019 in America in the snow bound areas will be the most intense ever and Christians are advised to stock non-perishable foods,cooked meat,firewood,water etc. Let’s see as winter is close,after all a prophecy is deemed to be true after the event prophesied does take place.


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