FSSP and Latin Mass Groups Make Major Announcement

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They’ve decided to beg Francis for mercy and to bend the knee to Vatican 2.


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5 thoughts on “FSSP and Latin Mass Groups Make Major Announcement

  1. As I informed several friends yesterday, when I first heard of this “action of acquiescence” by the superiors, I do believe I must now go to the SSPX.. Jake’s comment (above) makes perfect sense, and while I have my own thoughts regarding the vacancy
    of the See of Peter, I am not prepared for that ultimate break. I do believe the Church is deep in its own passion. May God help us, and may Our Lady pray for, and assist us.

    Regarding the superiors’ statement, I can only say YOU CANNOT DIALOGUE WITH THE DEVIL.

    La Nuestra Señora del Buen Sucseso ruega por nosotros!

    Viva Cristo Rey!!

  2. The SSPX has been persecuted from day one- still holding the faith- we will not bend and Archbishop Vigano said not to! 25 yrs ago we left the NO mass, it’s horrible and not Catholic. Sorry, just grew up in it and NOOO WAYYY.. lost my faith in it, found it, thankfully, in the beautiful TLM at SSPX!🙏🏻💙

  3. I was Sedevacantist for half of my life and it’s a withering and cowardice path of despair. Only the Blessed Mother, St. John, and Mary Magdalene stayed with Jesus through the end of His Passion. Currently Christ’s Mystical Body could be at the Scourging, the Crowing With Thorns/Mocking of Our Lord – we don’t know where the Church is in It’s Passion. As hard as it is to witness, we can’t abandon Him. We also can’t actively participate by picking up a conciliar/diocesan/Vatican II whip either . That’s why the SSPX makes the most sense as the path to follow to be with Our Lord’s Mystical Body until the end. Or, until a good pope restores the Latin Mass to it’s proper place and banishes the errors of Vatican II forever. Remain Hopeful in Jesus! St. Robert Bellarmine – pray for us!


    Jake Wilson

  4. Thanks Anthony for more information pointing out the false flag nature of FSSP whose willingness to instantly bow to Bergoglio’s Satanic Vatican II leadership should be the last straw in driving serious orthodox Catholics into Sedevacantism.

    Given that the Catholic Church has now effectively become an agent of the devil it would seem to me that Catholics wishing to uphold and make their live correspond to Church teaching prior to Vatican II must seriously considering joining the Sedevacantist movement.

    I would appreciate anyone’s comment as to why what I suggest is a bad idea.


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