Francis’s Unholy Changes To Ordination Move Forward

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Does a day pass where its not reported that he’s going to change something just to change it?


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6 thoughts on “Francis’s Unholy Changes To Ordination Move Forward

  1. Having been a member of an FSSP parish for the last six years, I was rather unsettled to read in their official communique on Traditionis Custodes ( that the Fraternity held to the hermeneutic of continuity. They even cite Pope Benedict XVI’s teaching.

    While the extreme vehemence I have experienced from novus ordo priests against all things traditional was tempered, I have also been warned away from SSPX attendance in similar ways by FSSP priests. I did not question this advice as I wanted to stay in union with the rock of St Peter.

    My “suspicions”, as St. Cajethan puts it, are now creating uncertainty where none had existed before. While I do not wish to adopt any “us or them” perspectives, in my search for the keel of the True Church (that I might find safe passage through these tempestuous waters) I begin to think the SSPX may be the stronger wood to which I should cling.

    The SSPX podcast series on the crisis in the Church makes some very compelling arguments as to why this might be the case. However, it is a one sided presentation.

    That said, the communique from the FSSP seems to make clear and bolster the case being made in the SSPX podcasts.


    1. I’ve long held to the position that the only thing the SSPX are in “schism” with are the Modernist heretics and that we should be wary of anyone or any organization saying that they’re in schism.

      1. Yet, you attend an FSSP parish though it is further away than an SSPX parish. The same is the case for me, presently. Yet, FSSP parishes shut down last year when SSPX parishes did not. Given that the new religion of the New World Order continues to gain in ascendancy, what I stated above, and the letter accompanying Traditiones Custodes make clear the trajectory of future events for the FSSP, I can see this happening again. Possibly even permanently.

        So, I wonder if the time has come to transition from one to the other. Waffling between the two in practice seems like trying to hedge one’s bets. Done too much of that in my life already.

        Sorry to burden you with my indecisiveness. Discernment usually does involve some struggling. Thank you.


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