Francis’s Spokesman Has Nothing But Deceit & Contempt For The Faithful

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Austen Ivereigh is quite the character.


  1. Francis Kicks Cardinal Burke To The Curb
  2. Courageous Bishop Takes Stand Against Heretical Synod
  3. The Coalition For Canceled Priests Just Cancelled Its Founder
  4. Francis' Old Adversary Speaks Out In Defense Of Canceled Priests
  5. Bishop Schneider's Clear Warning Against Chaos In The Church



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3 thoughts on “Francis’s Spokesman Has Nothing But Deceit & Contempt For The Faithful

  1. Before the coming of Bergolzebub, Iveragh was trying to cash in one the apologetics market, with his “How to Defend the Faith (Without Raising Your Voice)” but shortly after went all in for the zombiechurch which was exhumed by Bergog & set staggering about in search of brains. — To borrow another image, he’s the foremost Renfield (Dracula’s bug eating slave) among Anglo typists.

  2. Mr. Stine,

    Can you kindly inform me about the novena that starts 9/7, referenced in today’s video?

  3. Let’s be clear. The withering away of the Conciliar Church is a FEATURE, not a bug. A few female sexagenerian ex-hippies attending a guitar Mass is JUST WHAT THEY WANT. Meanwhile, who’s coming to the Latin Mass? Young families with lots of kids! Yes, pity the poor, poor woman whose priest has “turned his back on her.” She and the half-dozen other sexagenarian women who come for the tea and scones and “gather us in” music are so, so oppressed. How could the priest do such a horrible thing? Doesn’t he know that “THEY ARE CHURCH’? There IS no future for the stillborn Conciliar Church that looks exactly like it looked in the early 70s (felt banners and all). It doesn’t change because it doesn’t grow because it ISN’T ALIVE. It’s been dead for 50 years and the rent boys in Rome pretend not to notice. Pretty soon, the sexagenerian female ex-hippies will be dead too and their “church” will become a bar.


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