Francis’s New Statement Stuns Catholics

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As people, the establishment are trying to spin his statement supporting civil unions into something less heterodox. I wonder when they’ll tire of this?



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  1. Michael Dowd

    “Evil and the desecration of the holy we always have with us. And with the rise of post-Christian and anti-Christian currents in our culture such outrages are becoming more frequent and flagrant.” says Ines A. Murzaku: (The Catholic Thing 10/22/20).

    The Church Church itself, particularly since Vatican II, has been complicit in evil and desecration by its failure to call out the transgressions against sexual sins of our time beginning with contraception and extending an ambivalent attitude towards homosexual partnerships, as Pope Francis recently demonstrated. How many Catholics now receive Communion in the state of mortal sin thinking that Confession is no longer necessary? The evil sown by these failures is coming home to roust


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