Francis’s Fantastic Falsehoods About The Mass

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More lies coming from the top about the Mass and why it “needs” to be abrogated. Maybe one day they’ll get tired of lying.


Tabernacle Stolen From Parish In America By Servants Of Moloch Return To Tradition

  1. Tabernacle Stolen From Parish In America By Servants Of Moloch
  2. St John Bosco's Vision & Warning Of Spiritual Rot
  3. Wicked Priests And The Evil They Do To The Church | Pope Innocent III
  4. The Bishops Fiddle While Vocations Totally Collapse
  5. Vigano Declares That The Novus Ordo Mass Must Be Abolished



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3 thoughts on “Francis’s Fantastic Falsehoods About The Mass

  1. Yes, please do the series on Modernism. I hope that it can be clear too that it was the “nuanced” neo-modernism that allowed the Modernists to score their coup. In any case, people need names just so they can make the history more concrete. God bless you & Mary keep you!

  2. Dear Anthony,

    I encourage you to PLEASE go forward with a series on Modernism. I share your videos with “less informed” faithful all the time and these would be essential for my “work” to continue.
    Thank you for all YOUR HARD WORK.

  3. Good post Anthony leading to the conclusion that all serious orthodox Catholics become sedevacantists until the Church abrogates Vatican II in its entirety. Here is Bishop Sanborn speaking the truth about Traditionis Custodes:


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