Francis’s Attempt To End The Latin Mass Has Backfired Spectacularly

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Things aren’t going well for Francis’s liturgical revolution.


Francis Declares Everyone To Be The Work of the Devil Return To Tradition

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  1. Alex Griss

    I am not so sure Traditionis Custodes has backfired at all. In fact, I believe it is a masterful piece of deceit or, at least, a two edge sword that, ultimately, will turn those bishops around the world, willing to stand in favor of the Mass of the ages, unwilling partners with Francis, on the push for “Synodality.” For those who understand the concept that the power of Rome is “Supreme,” but not “Absolute, or Unlimited,” If a bishop claims, correctly, to have authority over his diocese and, therefore, can challenge, with basis, Traditionis Custodes, then the case appears to be an over-reach or blatant abuse of power by Francis.

    But, a successful challenge to this motu propio, will encourage modernist to argue, that the authority of Rome is not only limited but, in certain cases, non existent or invalid. One has to, only, look at Francis’ open support of the apostate German bishops, and his insistence, that, in some respects, the full authority of the Church, rests on the whim of a parish priest.

    Either way, the move by the Modernists, is not so much to do away with the Holy Mass, as much as to dismember Holy Mother Church. But, in the least, the motu propio may be intended to expose those bishops and priests that have, even, the slightest tolerance for Holy Tradition and the true, constant, teaching of the Church; to get rid of them at the first opportunity. In any case, now that the sheep’s clothing have fallen of the shoulders of the wolf, it should be easier for informed Catholics to line up with the few shepherds who stand with Christ and His Church.

    I may be completely wrong, but this move was not made in haste and is not the mistake many think it is…


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