Francis’ War To Erase The Papacy Of Benedict XVI Continues

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We’re being dialed back in time to the 1970s.




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One thought on “Francis’ War To Erase The Papacy Of Benedict XVI Continues

  1. You get what you give, short of special graces which
    can break through the vicious circles created by
    habitual sin.

    The Cross of Christ, His Mother, and His Church
    [ intercession of the Saints and the Sacraments ]
    are the “lightening rods” conducting yet more
    “strikes” of sin safely to the ground [ humility;
    forgiveness; prayer & penance ].

    Perònist Francis’ diktats are boomeranging back
    onto his own head. NO “same ‘ol, same ‘ol” repeat
    will wipe away his unrelenting scowl, though one
    continues to hope for a lasting smile.

    Poor Francis ! Victim of his own politics, of his
    resistance against the proven Justice and Mercy
    contained in the “Rigid” Sacred Deposit of Faith.

    Dear Lady, untier of Knots, DO unravel the measureless
    maze of Political “string” in which Francis finds
    himself enmeshed !

    St. Catherine of Siena, TRUE Apostle of the
    Vicar of Christ on Earth, pray of us and for
    Francis !


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