Francis Tells The Faithful To Stop Complaining So Much, and Vigano In the Crosshairs

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Vigano is taking some valid questions along with some very loaded ones from suspicious sources with possible ties to his personal enemies, while Francis tells the Church to stop complaining because it isn’t Christian.




Francis Complaining




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7 thoughts on “Francis Tells The Faithful To Stop Complaining So Much, and Vigano In the Crosshairs

  1. Anthony ,

    Even more interesting. In the link to the Tucson Diocese which I gave , as includes an article of activism in support of social Justice ( climate change and by extension governmental regulation of the proletariat) . The article details how this is evidence of USCCB’s priorities ; to bond with governments ( globalism ) and promote equity, identity , and inclusion .
    By extension , while the author states that Catholic participation is not “political” ( it is for both “Democrat” and “Republican “ ) , TRUTH be known , the stated agenda is far left ideology and Marxist .

    There is then a second article identified. In the reading , by inference, it is discerned authored by a person of color. It is LENGTHY and a full throated frontal attack of Bishop Strickland !!! It has been permitted to be published by Tucson Bishop Weisenburger.

    My take , the Tucson Diocese is in full panic mode , caught attacking traditionalists , involved in an international monastery confiscation, as accomplished with cooperation with the US Department of Justice , all done in an effort to hide the Diocese past -bankruptcy, corrupt parishes with priests actively gay, and the likelihood circumstances remain the same in the present moment .

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

    1. Went to get link for the second article …. But it’s “gone” . Pulled down ?

      1. Interesting, upon a read of this NCR sourced article, the author , sure has a lot of opinions for someone “baptized” and accepted into The Catholic Church 2019 . More so , she injects race into her “bias” , that which she describes as an inability to “understand”, on her part, Strickland.
        The article, overall well written by a standard of “style” , makes me think the author a “ghost writer”? For someone of the Church , of 3 and 1/2 years duration, there may be an extensive amount of foundational error which has been left purposefully unedited ?

    2. Thanks for unwrapping the details, Dr. Scott.

      Couldn’t resist a “funny” take on “and promote
      equity, identity , and [ ILLUSION ] “.

      A “weisenburger”, with mustard and ketchup,

      Prairie Grandpa, from “Texas” cow-country

  2. [ all emphases mine ]

    Your days, Francis, are numbered,
    more so because the Leftist-Socialists
    in your native land have been kicked out
    . . as they have been in New Zealand, in
    Spain, and in [ I hope and pray ! ] in

    So what’s the difference between Pope
    Francis re-visiting and reading from his
    own documents and, let’s say, Ven. Fulton
    Sheen’s words written in dozens of books,
    and spoken in his popular talks given in
    his “Life Is Worth Living” and other
    telecasts ?

    Bishop Sheen lived and spoke from his
    DAILY “Hour of Power” in the presence
    of the Blessed Sacrament [ . . daily for
    sixty years of his Priesthood ]. During
    those same decades, he offered EACH
    Saturday’s Mass in Honour of Our Lady

    Pope Francis didn’t, doesn’t, and CAN’T . .
    obvious from the internal evidence of his
    anti-“Rigid”-Deposit-of-Faith remarks, BUT
    especially because of his Mystical Body-Of-
    Christ-destroying Synod on “Synodality”.

    Yet Francis—to young people—repeats and
    promotes SEEKING THEIR WAY with Jesus.

    What do I —a retired Janitor —know ?
    . . although the ancient saying is: “You want
    to know the latest? . . go to the janitor.”


    “O Father, you have given us an
    ardent witness in young Blessed
    Carlo Acutis. He made the Eucharist
    the centre of his life and the strength
    of his daily Commitments, so that others
    may LOVE YOU above all else.
    May he soon be numbered among the Saints.”

    “ ‘ Always to be united to Jesus ! ’
    that is my life’s program.”
     —Bl. Carlo Acutis.

  3. Most Loved Anthony,

    Now this is INTERESTING.

    Bishops and Church at White House with climate change agenda and EPA rules !!!
    They meet with Podesta ( Saul Alinsky radical who is behind the scene calling the shots with Obama ? – demented Joe ? ) . AND it is Obama Justice Department 2016 ( Russia Hoax ) who also involved in Trinitarian of Mary confiscated monestary .AND recall it is Tucson Kicanas that went after Strickland ( visitation ) . AND Kicanas was bishop Tucson 2016 when monestary confiscated .

    Is the Church forced to toe the line because it’s compromised by US government activities ? OR is Church a willing participatory to Democratic politic and policy agenda ? Or Both ?

    Lots to contemplate .

    Blessings , Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )


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