Francis Slams Vigano & Says He’s Probably Not Catholic

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Remind me: which of the two of them has publicly denied Catholic dogma before?




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5 thoughts on “Francis Slams Vigano & Says He’s Probably Not Catholic

  1. Judas Iscariot ?? Abp. Viganò a Judas ?? That’s
    laughable. You had better find out where the TRUE
    FAITHFUL are at, you ‘ol gaslighter. There’s THREE
    other fingers pointing back at yourself . . and your
    thumb, pointing to the earth . . for Humility and
    love of Truth.

    You have just scuttled the “dialogue” you’re wanting
    from the faithful around the globe . . PRETEND to
    listen, to feel ’em out. Like Maria Asbury points
    out in an earlier comment: “THAT’S A PERONISTIC
    TACTIC, very much alive among some Argentinian
    politicians” . . only to “let the dictator’s hammer down”
    at the end of the day.

    Dictatorial “unity” is an IMPOSED uniformity. It virtue-
    signals “mercy”, but is far from actual Mercy.

    UNITY, as in the Church UNITY Octave [ which we
    haven’t heard of any more ], coming from the “ONE,
    Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic” Church UNDER a Vicar
    of CHRIST —occupying the Chair of St. Peter —
    well now, THAT’S the “Real Thing”. [ No banana for
    “Coke” ] It indeed is “slow to anger”.

    Archbishop Viganò a “Judas Iscariot” ??” Don’t make
    us laugh, Jorge. You are not even HIDING your
    Marxist gaslighting any more.

    “St. Catherine of Siena, true Apostle of the Vicar of
    Christ-on-earth, pray for us. Pray for Pope Francis.
    Pray for his successor. Pray for us! “

  2. Time to call a spade a spade. Francis is not Catholic in any way, shape or form. He is an antipope who is aligned w/the OWO who, it should be obvious, is the satanic force behind this entire issue. That “issue” being the complete destruction of the Roman Catholic Church in all things Catholic. Signs are everywhere and have been since the very beginning of the illicit ordination of Francis to the Chair of Peter. Not to call him out by Archbishop Vigano would be the complete opposite of righteousness. Not only is Vigano correct, he is doing his sacred duty as a faithful prelate. We need more of this from our prelates. And, yes, it is Francis and his apostate following who are the Judas priests.

  3. What I find interesting, is the fact that Francis is very explicit and smart (in the Infobae article), and says “person with homosexual tendencies”. So he is careful not to include practicing homosexuals.

    1. And actions speak louder than words. This little Jesuit game of keeping a merely verbal distinction while peopling the clergy and episcopate with disciples and practitioners of Sodom gives the game away.

      1. I agree 100%. That is a Peronist tactic, very much alive among some Argentinean politicians


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