Francis Shows His True Colors While Catholics March In Defense Of The Faith

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Lord, spare us from wicked shepherds….




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3 thoughts on “Francis Shows His True Colors While Catholics March In Defense Of The Faith

  1. SUBJECTIVE as the cat licking its coat of fur.

    Human Nature hasn’t changed since St.Paul’s day.
    Even the most recent generations will have to run
    the gamut of temptations to any and all possible sins.
    Mere humanism, empty of Christ and His following,
    neither excuses nor absolves sins . . er, uh . . “mistakes”

    Sin, as in St. Paul’s day, is appeased ONLY by
    the long-promised SAVIOUR’s life . . passion, death,
    and Resurrection . . made do-able and liveable
    by His Church, His Ordained Hierarchy . . the Mass,
    the Sacraments, the life of Grace.

    “Tout est grâce”, say both St. Teresa of Avila and
    Ste. Thérèse, ” All is grace and mercy”. We, the
    Baptized, do well to bring “prayer, penance, and alms”
    to bear on OUR way of [ ETERNAL ] Salvation.

    Frankie, Jimmy, and the Modernists CAN’T draw
    Holiness, or [ Eternal ] Salvation out of their mutually
    -agreed-upon “side-walk science” of “sinless” human life
    . . which is a sacrilegious mockery of “nature’s one
    solitary boast” [ Wordsworth ] i.e., the Mother of God,
    her sinlessness, her humility, her perfect obedience
    to the Will of God.

    Regarding Fordham University, it isn’t the first
    time that that Catholic Institution opted for “sinful
    structures” on a societal scale. In the worst days
    during the War years [ WW I; WW II ] and the
    Depression, and post-war years, Fordham University
    practised and promoted institutional Racial
    Segregation which was personally experienced,
    lectured against, and described by Servant of God,
    Catherine de Hueck Doherty, a Russian émigré who
    survived the Communist Revolution. [see: Fragments
    Of My Life, Ave Maria Press1979; Madonna House
    Publications 1996; 2007, Ebook, May, 2012 ].

    Kudos, Anthony, for calling attention to COURAGE,
    surely THE tried and tested apostolate for bringing
    back into the Church disillusioned and “damaged”
    victims of the LGTBQ++ life-style.

    Surely THEIR example of “carrying their cross” is
    a clarion call to carry ours . . with “determined
    determination”. (St. Teresa of Avila)

  2. Jorge the Apostate showed the world four years ago that he serves an Amazonian demon, and gave over the whole of the Vatican grounds to it & to all parishes and dioceses that receive it. The vast majority of Catholics are still like the Narnian animals in “The Last Battle” who can’t bring themselves to declare that the Ape Shift is passing off a donkey in a lion’s skin as Aslan. As long as Catholics continue to call him “pope,” there will be no deliverance. Already, the actions of the faithful in not giving him obedience demonstrate what they KNOW at heart, but are afraid to let pass their lips.

  3. Most Loved Anthony ,

    Your commentary is 💯!!! I can only add perspective, the 30,000 foot view , that it’s all about the end of times and “Warning” ( which seems near ) .

    It’s about an Illumination of Consciousness, even that of a Pope, Cardinals,Bishops, and Jimmy Martin. I will also add the “secular” spiritual guides.

    Psychiatry/Psychology/“Mindfulness” are modes of cognitive care without an acknowledgement of God’s transcendence into all creation.

    “Science” ( social “science” ) revels in its “man made” abilities to influence hearts and minds.

    BUT, in the absence of True Love, a testimony to The Love of Jesus , our modern day “psychics” frequently fail to illuminate ; the path is untold .

    The patient ( soul ) , is given no guidance to know if their chosen course is towards heaven or hell . All too often drugs are used to numb the mind to dim reality and numb the pain – with a conscious illuminated a patient may prefer/choose medications rather than Christs Mercy. They are not given a testimony to know of Christ’s forgiveness and Love. Despite their cognitive “therapies” shame and guilt result in a withdrawal from light. Souls ( patients) choose a comfortable darkness with drugs and frequent drama which seems safe .

    If one knows their vocation as a spiritual guide ( mind clinician ) , it is necessary that they take some responsibility for the souls that are brought by The Holy Spirt into their presence. All of us are obligated to share our love and share The Love of Jesus; to be a channel of His Mercy . Use drugs ? Yes , BUT we must pray first with those who we are meant to serve , asking that God will bless our efforts and His Light will bring healing.

    A True Illumination of Consciousness is for everyone . There is no need to sit back and wait for a warning . Prayer and healing is NOW.

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )


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