3 thoughts on “Francis Laughs At Cardinal Burke’s Dubia As He Openly Endorses Evil

  1. Mr Stine, who will clear it up? A pope picked by the cardinals created by Francis? The ones who are loyal to Francis and the world. The cat is out of the bag. Next they’ll twist the arms of the bishops and priests who don’t want to comply.
    “Bishops will crack down hard!” Not many my friend. Let’s pray they don’t “come down hard” on the more orthodox or even moderate parishes, although I’m sure they will.

  2. Well, you’ve got to give Francis his due. He once said “I want the confusion“. He is a master of confusion by mastering the Art of Incrementalism. The worst lies are not the obvious 100% lies. The most dangerous lies are the clever mixing of lies and Truth, misleading the poorly catechized, assisting the secularists, furthering the Modernist agenda and laughing at the Traditional faithful. Clever mixing, but like evil always does, eventually overplays its arrogant hand when the culmination of the outrages pass a certain tipping point. Therein is the damage done, tipping points always leave a trail of damage until the holy cavalry finally shows up to restore proper order (we’re not quite there yet) but how many souls have been lost along the way. Heaven alone knows. As our Blessed Mother told the 3 shepherd children at Fatima “you have seen hell where poor souls go because nobody has prayed for them”, many souls ARE lost. Heaven help the prelates who guide souls towards perdition, Our Lord was clear, there’s a certain millstone awaiting their reward. Praying always for Francis’ and many Bishops conversion. Ave Maria 

    1. Thank your for your astute, clear “take” on Francis’
      Art of Incrementalism ! If that’s the correct name
      for Frankie’s style and method, my original
      understanding of that “Art” was: the typical
      MARXIST relentless “one step back, two steps forward”
      . . as he sneaks in his idol, i.e. a false christ and
      a false church.


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