Francis Just Rewarded One Of The Most Scandalous Cardinals In Modern History

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Cardinal Becciu is back, just in time for the consistory.




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2 thoughts on “Francis Just Rewarded One Of The Most Scandalous Cardinals In Modern History

  1. Anthony, very astute observations by Servus OLMC!

    Each morning Grandma & I (Grandpa) include in our prayers one for Francis . . a prayer composed by “Your Morning Offering/ The Catholic
    Company” (out of North Carolina), in which the words: “Almighty and everlasting God, have mercy upon T H Y servant, Pope Francis . . “.

    This clear designation never ceases to “hint” —at least to myself — that Christ the King REMAINS such, and IS BACK OF (NOT as “instigator”!) all true heroism (hidden for now) and multiple mitred shenanigans.

    Frankly —no pun intended —I no longer LIKE looking at photos of Frankie; he’s not much different from any Youtube show-hosts sown throughout a plethora of tick-tock, tick-tock TALK shows.

    Absolutely nothing to do with the Faith or Gospel Evangelization. Only endless SELF-gratifying verbiage.

  2. It seems to me that The Bishop of Rome may well be a principal tool in God’s plan to ensure the Church of Our Saviour and Redeemer returns to it’s roots and, as so many prophecies have foretold, ‘It will again become small and poor’, just as it was when The Virgin Mary, via her virginal birth, in the cave at Bethlehem, brought forth that greatest of all God’s gifts to humanity, The Word Incarnate.
    The likes of Cardinal Becciu and similarly inclined brothers of his in the College of Cardinals are clearly leading the Roman Catholic Church, as we know it, to bankruptcy.
    Once I entertained that thought it struck me that the thing that Bishop Bergoglio would hate the most is the fact that he is actually a major instrument in God’s plan to bring the Church of Christ back to the path that Almighty God requires it to follow.
    I can just see his face!
    It would I suspect be a copy of that face that he presented when that Asian lady made The Sign of The Cross and reached out to the Bishop of Rome as he tried to avoid her.
    How dare she make The Sign of The Cross as he approached her!
    And then he pretends to not have noticed and slaps her away!
    Poor Bishop Bergoglio!
    Can you imagine his reaction to that? Being a major instrument in the restoration of Our Lord’s victorious church!
    Reminds me of a chap around 2000 years ago, called Judas!
    Viva Cristo Rey!


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