Francis Is Using Cruelty & Fear To Keep The Bishops In Line

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Fear is one of his primary tools for subverting the faith




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2 thoughts on “Francis Is Using Cruelty & Fear To Keep The Bishops In Line

  1. Blessings on your name’s day, Anthony (St.Anthony of Padua)! The gestures of Ven.Pope Pius XII were anything
    but superstitious. They weren’t even “gestures”. They were fully-intended Blessings drawn from Heaven by this
    Pope for “his children”! Pope Pius was truly and “untier of knots”. From Sr. Pascalina learn, “I often heard it said,
    ‘People come to him with the most difficult of problems and cannot see a way out. In a few sentences the Holy
    Father has banished every doubt and found a solution for everything” (ch. 5, “Pastor Angelicus . . “. Never,
    NEVER the insulting “Papal” silence experienced by the first “dubia” Cardinals and so many others!

    Francis is waging a war, as you aptly say, not only against Sacred Tradition, but against the “All Holy” Itself,
    Source of all Holiness . . frankly put: against Christ Himself, aiming to manufacture a false christ (and a false

    “Good, Francis loyalist?” . . “Pastoral”? Bah! . . humbug! NONE of their blithering and blathering are the fruit
    of time spent before the Tabernacle and its Inhabitant, Our Lord Himself. If Ven. Fulton Sheen did it every day,
    since his ordination, FOR 60 YEARS, these “latter day” Ecclesiastics can, and should, at least BEGIN!

    Cruelty and fear? It fits. One is never shown Francis near children. The diametric opposite is true for Ven. Pope
    Pius XII.

    1. POSTSCRIPT: a far broader and realistic historical background can be found in Kennedy Hall’s recent interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider, a man eminently STEEPED in Church History. Please go to:, in particular when Bishop Schneider covers the topic of “The Gnostic Threat”, beginning @6;00 minutes into
      the interview.


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