2 thoughts on “Francis Is Shocked by The SSPX’s Immaculata Church & The Money Spent On It

  1. Most Loved Anthony ,
    That is spectacular !!!! 32 million really not a huge number …. BUT my concept ( Apostolate which I founded – Christ Connections , Christconnections.me ) , the
    “Mother ship” becomes the model for the facilitation of human flourishing and spiritual life, “outside the Church” . Monastery’s ( price tag with land to be self sustaining 3.5 million each ) , funded by laity , administered by religious . ANYONE can then retreat 3 to 5 days, learn to pray, grow in relationship with God, recieve sacrements, bless sacramentals, study, read , prayer … AND then wellness ( body attention, diet, exercise, health surveys, )
    THEN what someone learns they take it to their parish and form home churches within the parish as believers help and love those around them. Home churches in miniature mirror monastery. I’d love to share with anyone in detail . Ready to go to build first one !!

    Blessings, Raphael 619-437-6644

  2. “They teach the Catholic faith”. Very succinctly put and honest advice. I hope the society expands rapidly throughout this country and beyond. Hope they scare the cr*p out of the church.


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