Francis Is Pillaging Traditional Monasteries

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Pope Henry VIII Francis strikes again.




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4 thoughts on “Francis Is Pillaging Traditional Monasteries

  1. The sum of all heresies has now produced the summit of all heretics — Luther and Henry VIII aand the anabaptists and the syncretists and the ancestor worshippers and the blasphemers against the Holy Ghost all combined in one figure,

  2. So now we have a man who sits in the Chair of Peter not only behaving in a lawless manner but as another Judas who, like Judas, is stealing from the closure that he is demanding occur by closing every semblance of traditional monastic life and profiting by the closures. In addition to to having excommunicated himself because he is a public heretic and because he is also a Mason and a sodomite, he is now a thief who is involved in GRAND LARCENY. I am a widow and a Traditional Catholic. I am a single voice crying out to God for justice. If the likes of Archbishop A. Schneider, Burke, Vigano and many others continue to voice themselves in ways that appear to be stern, they are not doing their apostolic duty which would entail making a clear and unambiguous official case against Francis and call for a juridical council to try the case. Will they do that?

    1. Good and logical question! Will they get “practical” re. the case and call for a juridical council to try it? Good
      question! . . meanwhile, do purchase a copy —$12 Kindle/ $22 other —of The Springtime That Never Came:
      Bishop Schneider In Conversation With Paweł Lisicki (2021/ Polish/ Cracow); transl. by Justyna Krukowska (2021/ English/ Sophia Press, Manchester, NH)

      Through precise and thorough questions by Lisicki, Bishop Athanasius (more than anywhere else, up to now,
      across MY slow, limited-range computer desk) excoriates even John Paul II and Benedict XVI re. the “The Leftist
      Face of the Church”, yet, after 10 chapters, concludes with:

      ” . . I would like to remind you that questionable statements of the 2nd Vatican Council are NOT infallible, (nor)
      ex cathedra pronouncements or dogmatic definitions or anathemas. (Nor) were they intended as such . . . we
      are not Protestants who make decisions according to their own PRIVATE understanding, their PERSONAL
      judgements, and who set themselves ABOVE THE TEACHING OFFICE OF THE CHURCH, but we adhere to
      the constant OBJECTIVE Magisterium of the Church.” Linking to St.Vincent of Lérins . . The criterion of Catholicity
      is antiquity . . . (and) . . the conclusive criterion [ against all arbitrary choice and the very principle of Tradition ]
      for CERTAINTY about what is Catholic remains the UNITY OF TEACHING IN THE PAST.”

      G.K. Chesterton would call this “the Democracy of the Dead”.

      So, will “the Good Guys” try the case with an actual juridical council?

      Keep on praying your Rosaries! Our Queen of the Most Holy Rosary is also the Mother of Fair Love.
      (see: Youtube -Fr. Ripperger on that title.)

      1. Evil reigns and nothing done. Most Catholics are asleep or don’t care or leave.


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