Francis Is Making One Of The Most Wicked Men A Cardinal

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It’s time to get to know Bishop McElroy. We’ll be hearing a lot about him in the future.




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5 thoughts on “Francis Is Making One Of The Most Wicked Men A Cardinal

  1. McElroy is a perfect choice for a Cardinal of this Modernistic, humanistic “ape” of the Church.
    Also, the Vatican will never uncover any more info about Uncle Ted, because they know that he is (or was) an agent of the Soviets and/or Freemasons since his “missing” year of 1949. Since then he’s been hiding in plain sight as a foreign agent to destroy the Church, and having a grand old time abusing everyone he could along the way. He’s been financed for this, in cash… with his envelopes of currency wherever he goes.
    Maybe the Vatican is behind his actions as well. McCarrick certainly did the Modernists bidding with his actions in China before he was defrocked.
    It’s going to take Divine action to change anything in the hierarchy for the better, IMHO. The corruption has, as St Pio put it in 1963) reached the pope’s slippers.

    1. “Shockery mockery at the cross-roads” (Eddy Doherty, A Cricket In My Heart, 1990, Blue House Press). Thank
      you for this input.

  2. Why is it that each of these men wear confident, sure smiles ?? . . to make the sober expressions on the faces of those who currently uphold the “rigid” teachings of the (Sacred) Deposit of Faith seem “not with it”, “out of touch”,
    “left behind”, “old”, “party-poopers” ?? . . a not-so-subtle form of name-calling. UNcharitable, to say the least.

    False “Development of Doctrine”. Not at all organic, but imposed from without. Sounds like McElroy is taking his
    “cues” from the Anglicans/ Episcopalians et al. He must be friends with many, thereby basing his humanist “doctrine”
    on feelings, on “the party”, HUMAN respect. Nothing of Christ and His Church here. El “Roy” (French for “King”) is
    so only in his self-inspired, narcissistic outlook. Well, he’ll be a widower sooner than later, as Modernist fashion is
    never based on Foundational Truth but the very likeable “cotton candy” of the moment and of “the group”.

    ” . . and thus all believers approaching the altar should in reverence [ why not simply as a self-acknowledged
    sinner, like the Publican ??] should attempt [ all by themselves?? . . sot-so-subtle Pelagianism . . save yourself
    by yourself? . . American “do it yourself” Pragmatism ? ] to conform their lives more fully to the Person of Jesus Christ [ . . which, according to perennial Catholic Spiritual Teaching, is the relentless, indispensably aided by the Eucharist, Confession, and competent direction, striving of a lifetime . . (St.Teresa of Avila) . . ] . .

    “Second, the traditional theology of worthiness [ first I heard of THAT! . . kindof like hair-splitting the STATE of one’s
    soul, instead of striving, like St.Teresa, for Union with the Beloved ] . . which incorporates . . the recognition that
    human failing is deep and broad [ . . no kidding! . . all encompassed by the word “Sinner” . . you’ve discovered that
    YOU ARE . . er, uh . . a sinner ] and that the Grace and Mercy of God abound. [ YES! . . through the Church’s
    Sacraments of Confession, PROPERLY-DISPOSED reception of Holy Communion, and actual graces of the
    moment throughout the day and night. NOT S U B J E C T I V E, free-floating IDEAS A B O U T “grace” and “mercy”.

    “MATTER matters”. The audible WORDS of absolution. The Consecrated Host on the tongue. Real WATER flowing over one’s head in Baptism. All the while, FEET ON THE GROUND. The Protestant IDEOLOGY —”theology”=minus-the-Matter —is merely that: airy-fairy theories floating “up there” somewhere,
    without REAL (humble, obedient) Roots planted in the Body of Christ, the Church (on EARTH), whose Divine
    Head abides, with His Father ( and Mother!), in Heaven and of whom we comprise the “Members” . . adopted
    sons and daughters. Matter matters! Subjective [ by oneself ] theorizing ISN’T Theology, but Ideology. It never
    reaches Christ the Head without ALSO first “touching base” with Christ’s Vicar and his (faithful and legitimate)

    1. P.S. “Let every knee bend before Thee, O greatness of my God, so supremely humbled in the Sacred Host. May every heart love Thee, every spirit adore Thee and every will be subject to Thee!”
      –St. Margaret Mary.

      We, among our many Baptismal responsibilities, are called by that same Baptism to constantly access and
      to learn from “Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, Sacred Magisterial Teaching, and THE WISDOM OF THE
      SAINTS. Who, of the current Pontificate and its appointees (McElroy included), can the “Bar” set by the great
      Saints ?

      1. Correction and completion: “Who of the current Pontificate and its appointees (McElroy included) can
        descend (in humility and obedience) to the “Bar” set by the Church’s great & and little Saints ??


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