Francis Goes On Unhinged Screed Against Catholic Keyboard Warriors

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Maybe they really do watch Catholic youtubers.




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12 thoughts on “Francis Goes On Unhinged Screed Against Catholic Keyboard Warriors

  1. The ‘who never come out into the open’ is false premise. Faithful believers would love to ‘come out’ and have access to all modes of communication, especially the pulpit. However, over 50 years of suppression and cancellation has pushed faithful to alternative media. St. Athanasius could have been accused of the same. “They have the churches but we have the faith” is a pretty isolated statement. Was St. Athanasius responsible for his isolation? Of course not.

  2. Frankie, you are B O R I N G ! Nothing you say grabs, sticks,
    or moves my heart, just like the pronouncements of your
    teen-age idol, Dictator Juan Peròn, never won the hearts
    of HIS subjects.

    Anthony, for this cradle-Catholic prairie Grandpa —lived through
    the Pontificates of Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul, John
    Paul II, Benedict XVI, and endured Francis Bergoglio I —most
    of your quotes come from a mind-set which bespeaks a
    POLITICAL “take” on Church and Liturgical History. A NON-
    political “take” would be, for example, the “Meditations Before
    Mass” by FR. ROMANO GUARDINI [ 1939, Matthias Grünewald
    Verlag/ Mainz; 1956 English/ Newman Press; 1993/1997
    Sophia Institute Press slightly revised & edited; 2013,
    abridged with new introduction.]

    Bergoglio and “team” have as their end-goal a false christ
    and a false church. They’ve GOT TO bury the “Faith of Our
    Fathers”, or it will continue to “compete” with their “New”.
    But then, Apes can’t compete; they only know how to . . er,
    uh . . ape.

    Modernists NEVER—because they CAN’T, or they wouldn’t
    BE Modernist ! —refer to the foundational Mysteries of
    Christ and HIS Church: HIS Birth, Life, Suffering, Death,
    and Resurrection. So what’s left is theIr rambling, windy,
    “gerry-rigged” posturings.

    Truth and reality —i.e., REAL conclusions from REAL
    thinking about REAL persons, places, things, and events 
    —never make it to a Living, Catholic, Baptized mind
    and heart, because proper THINKING has been made
    an Orphan, replaced by fantasy and lying which is
    the REAL “artificial intelligence” . . which, in turn, is
    according to St. Thomas Acquinas, the ABUSE of the
    faculties of the human mind.

  3. Most Loved Anthony ,
    Your question , how does a “traditionalist” infiltrate The Church ? Is’nt that an oxymoron ?

    Sooo … here you go… you have laid out all the pieces on your recent posts … I now give you an account of how this happened in one instance .

    First, accept that the Synod on Synodality, at its core, is an attempt to wall paper the priest abuse crisis of 25 years . Benedict is gone, he knew those who had “sex” on their hands ( he did nothing about ) and passed the baton to Francis who knows all those who have “sex” on their hands. To
    embrace sexual deviancy then becomes the Trojan horse whereby there is no need to wash the hands ( to call out individual Cardinals and Bishops by name would be a
    “blood bath” ?) .

    Ok . So you have the Trinitarians of Mary, Mother Lillie foundress, in Tiajuana early 2000’s, who whistle blew on bad conduct of “bad” priests ; their charism is to 24/7 Adoration to pray for Church, Pray for Priests, and contemplation before His Real Presence.

    Now 2016, the Tecate monastery chooses to start a soup kitchen in Northern Mexico .
    Seed money includes a 10 k donation from laity in Tucson, AZ – this initial donor had been participatory to the Tucson Diocese Bankruptcy and became an undisclosed witness of the Bishop “hiding” priests from discipline ( specific priest in national litigation by RICO civil suit ) .

    Then , 2016 , this same laity is under investigation ( surveillance ) because of a business association with an organized crime target . Sooo the 10 k donation is scrutinized AND a Canadian Pipe Line Co.
    arrives at the Tecate Monastery ( like keystone pipeline kind of people from Alberta ) , WHO declare they will pay for the whole soup kitchen ( within weeks of initial 10 k donation ) . This laity , desirous to participate in charitable activity , then gives info and contacts to Canadians in an effort to offer participation . After a series of e-mails the communication abruptly stops.

    THEN , this is about when Trinitarians of Mary go under investigation by the Church ( Bishop of Tiajuana ) . Complaint from Sisters is understood to have been an internal dispute of slander , gossip , and denunciation against Mother Lillie . PERFECT , Bishop can “pay back” Mother Lillie for her whistleblower activities of 15 years earlier and “confiscate” the Monastery.

    BUT what did the Bishop really learn or really know ? Slander ? Gossip ? OR did he learn of a fortune five hundred company funding a soup kitchen ? Did he learn of a donor from Tucson of 10 k tied to whistle blowing in Tucson . Which asks, is the whole investigation of Mother Lillie not about slander or gossip – It’s about whistleblowing and benefactors ?

    So the Canadians backed out and the soup kitchen never happened . What did they learn ? What were they told ? AND did they communicate directly with the Bishop ? Did they communicate only with “disgruntled” sisters who fed off of that which the Canadians told them ?

    Which brings in the last 7 years and Mother Lillie is still under investigation , FOR NOTHING, as the surveillance of this laity person nears completion.

    What’s that got to do with Frances and “infiltration”? . By virtue that the laity person is under surveillance, let’s say FBI , that makes this person, in an unusual way,an “informer” or “an under cover agent” . Surveillance finds out stuff about traditionalists and Church practices ( soup kitchens etc….) and internal “management” ( church investigations/regulation of itself )

    Sooo , assuming Francis after 7 years knows all the facts of Mother Lillies situation he still does not restore her and her Order to normalcy ? Because he is pushing the “band aid” on sexual abuse through the Synod on Synodality ? He still waiting to see what happens to the “infiltrator”? Does he even know that a U.S. investigative agency may have its fingers in a narrative given to the Tijuana Bishop and Cardinal McElroy ?

    So there you have it :

    All by serendipity !!! God Incidences and statins smoke.

    Time for you to expose this whole mess of
    a tangled web ?

    Blessings, Raphael

    1. Scott/ Raphael, . . boy! have YOU begun “connecting the dots” !
      Why not write the book? . . and fill in all the “blanks” —answer all
      the questions now created in our minds —uncovering the WHOLE
      Vatican, political, global intrigue of which “Frankie’s Follies” is
      merely the title.

      My wife, a former AVID reader of the better-known espionage/
      spy novelists —Clancy; Baldacci; Silva . .  —always was a
      “natural” at “who-done-it” inquiries. But not myself; my thing
      has always been Church Teaching, music, and cabinet-
      making. So . . write the BOOK . . . just for us ( future espionage

      As it is, we remain deeply grateful to Anthony for doing all
      the “homework” —relentless “digging” —for each of his

      1. The first book is in the can :
        The Mystical Journey of Raphael ; One Man’s Contribution To The Synod On Synodality ( years 2003 – 2006 )

        The journey continuation you are learning about as you read – oral transmission may be the The Way as I am fatigued !!!

          1. Yes . Thank You !!
            Actually energies are directed to an Apostolate which I founded ; House Blessings and Home Churches

            Volunteers welcome !!!

  4. In some cases of demonic presence a person can become insane if they persist in their pursuit of the demonic. Sadly I think Francis is losing his mind and can no longer be considered as having control over what is and what is not reality. We know this by the fruits of what he has been exhibiting on a regular basis both in his speech and in what he is doing. He appears to be consumed w/hatred and is projecting that hatred onto a certain group who in its faithfulness to the Church in its beliefs and in its practice of beliefs has continued to worship as the Gospel teaches us which is to do as Christ and his Apostles did and taught both in season and out of season. As we all know hell is filled w/hatred because hell is where those who reject Christ and His Church wind up if they do not repent while alive. In my opinion Francis has excommunicated himself and should be avoided at all costs. Pray for his conversion but do not enter into his circle where hatred reigns. We need to stay focused and faithful to the true Gospel.

    Pax Christi

  5. “Francis is great for business” a traditional Catholic, that is, normal Catholic priest, told me recently. “John Paul II and Benedict could hide the heresies, but with Francis, there’s no concealing or hiding the heresies any more.”

  6. I can’t imagine what more it will take for those who still cling to the heresies espoused by Bergoglio and his cohorts to finally admit they hate the true Church, the Body of Christ on earth.

    1. They need the label, the prestige, and the institutional offices to spread these heinous demonic things and bring people who wish to be faithful to Hell with them.


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