One thought on “Francis Goes Into Full Damage Control With German Synod

  1. Over time and keen observation, I have found that fidelity to
    regular Morning Prayer ( ALL prayer!) begins to reveal WHO
    it is whom we address. What with Fr. Calloway’s CONSECRATION
    TO ST. JOSEPH —prayed daily, along with the Litany to St.
    Joseph —knowledge, trust, confidence, and love all have taken
    root and REMAIN never to diminish [ .. except through neglect ].

    Three lines from the Consecration prayer to St. Joseph ( by
    St. Bernadine of Siena . . that Italian town blessed with both
    great saints and sinners . . otherwise, how do saints become
    great without the sinners ??) three lines will do here: “Through
    your intercession with Jesus, grant me a spirit of sacrifice, of
    humility, of self-denial, and an intimate love for Jesus in the
    Blessed Sacrament . . ”

    THERE’S our true “damage control”, like, permanent.

    But from current podcasts —yours, Anthony, and others —
    it seems clear that Pope Francis and his mitred “Synodalistas”
    never once refer to the interior life of Catholics, or its
    absence. The 100s and 1000s even 1,000,000s being asked
    for “synodality” input —feelings, opinions, observations,
    “works, joys, and sufferings of this day” —horizontal HUMAN
    stuff. But the “summit and source” of a Catholic’s life? . .
    cancelled for all we know. And why not? Serious sins have
    also been  —forgiven? absolved? —cancelled.

    ST. JOSEPH, solace of the wretched, pray for us
    — diligent protector of Christ, pray for us
    — mirror of patience, pray for us
     — pillar of families, pray for us
    — hope of the sick, pray for us
    — patron of the dying, pray for us
     — terror of demons, pray for us
     — protector of Holy Mother Church (along with ST. MICHAEL),
    pray for us.


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