Francis Flunkie: The Church Doesn’t Convert Souls To Christ Anymore

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World Youth Day 2023 is going to be a trainwreck with the lowest attendance in history.




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One thought on “Francis Flunkie: The Church Doesn’t Convert Souls To Christ Anymore

  1. EXPERIENCE God . . as distinct from responding to
    the Grace of the moment ?? That’s Immanentism, or
    SUBJECTIVE “feelings”, dispositions, perceptions, “God-
    told-me . . ” convictions believed “on the spot” and
    without any further reflection, or held up to OBJECTIVE
    teachings of the Church, guarded in her Deposit of Faith.

    Too bad “Deposit of Faith” cameras don’t out number
    B&B cameras [ Bugnini/ Bergoglio ], podcast/ video
    systems informing cyberspace millions.

    ” . . to have young people journey together, RESPECTING
    DIVERSITY . . ” kind of like Satan “respecting” the
    diversity of souls landing into Hell . . neither of which
    Modernists believe in because for them Sin has been
    “PASSÉ” for some time.

    Furthermore, St. John Paul II’s “Young People” —now
    old and also passé? —will certainly reject Lisbon’s
    Auxiliary’s anti-Gospel, anti-Conversion, FALSE “take”
    on Christ’s Mandate ” . . go out into the whole world
    and (pass on) everything I HAVE COMMANDED . . ”

    “I think differently, I feel differently, I organize my life
    in a different way . . ” elaborates and amplifies the
    new Doctrine Chief’s “Sinatra” maxim: “I’LL DO IT
    MY WAY”.

    Kind of falls a l’il bit short of Jesus DOING ONLY
    “My Father’s Will” . . eh!


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