Francis Expected To Return To Build The Ape of the Church (and audio only bonus)

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Okay folks, so here’s today’s audio only bonus, titled “They’re Coming For Your Children.” Even if you think you’ve heard this story I have details others haven’t bothered to report on.

Audio bonus:

Francis's Unbelievable Declaration For Heresy Return To Tradition

  1. Francis's Unbelievable Declaration For Heresy
  2. They Want Us To Abuse The Eucharist
  3. Major Jesuit Tramples The Eucharist
  4. Francis Enthrones Pachamama Season
  5. The Feast Of The Holy Name of Mary | Dom Prosper Gueranger

Audio Bonus:


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  1. MAD, MD

    I pray God will intervene with the confusing direction of faith that I receive from Pope Francis. From the money to teaching of faith and his silence on faithful priests getting punish for their true teaching and defence of tradition. People are not going to church anymore and .Francis thinks that young faithful men will be attracted to the priesthood when they are punished, removed when they [reach the word of God and not in line of Francis and his gay cohorts?

  2. Joseph Simpson

    Never shocked at the depth of the depravity of diabolic minions, being possessed, devoid of Grace, their sole function on earth is to spread their devilish disease by word or deed.


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