Francis: Do Not Cling To The Rigid Certainties Of The Faith

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You know, I saw a stat recently that says that most Catholics in America approve of the job Francis is doing. That’s the biggest blackpill of all blackpills I think.


When The Popes Surrendered The Church To The World Return To Tradition

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  1. Joe D

    Sad as most Catholics do rally behind the Pope.
    The reason is that we Catholics are indoctrinated since childhood in our Catechism classes that the Pope is infallible.

    Now one who is the false Prophet of the Book of Revelations comes and the laity blindly support him. If I cannot convince my own wife how do I deal with other friends, relatives ?

    I saw a YT video of a Born Again Lady who said she was given a vision of hell and saw multitudes of Roman Catholics followed by Muslims. The reason given was that they listened to their Pope who said to take the mark of the beast viz the digital tattoo and RFID chip. The Muslims listened to the antichrist who with his signs and wonders convinced them that he is their Mahadi and took the mark of the beast he gave them.

    I just read that 83% of American Catholics have taken the vaccine. The Pope has been constantly marketing this as an act of love from God when humans do not have this gene changing technology and its from fallen angels.

    Peril awaits our Catholic church however hold on to time tested teachings of the church and do not go for any heresy coming from Vatican 3.

    Queen and Mother of the Last Times
    Snatch us out of the clutches of Evil.


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