Francis Disgraces The Church With Hideous New Campaign

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The Vatican can afford to hire better artists.




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4 thoughts on “Francis Disgraces The Church With Hideous New Campaign

  1. Thanks for this, Anthony . . important FINAL point, re.
    Francis “flogging” the supremacy of Vatican II; he
    must be aware —24/7 —that a majority have neither
    read NOR PONDERED the meaning and implication
    of its Documents. Have I ? Some. Way back. But
    they’ve neither drawn deeper into Christ’s Mystery of
    Salvation nor stuck. LIVES of the Saints have. Most
    recently, that of Ven. Pope Pius XII.

    Beauty, Truth, and Goodness are in eclipse as well.

    @2:20 ff ” . . and the [actual, living] Holy [women & men ]
    are NOT lukewarm” . . certainly evident where Catholics
    and Christians are being persecuted, kidnapped, and
    killed, not to mention the increasingly global ANTI-CHRIST
    disposition moving towards and blotting out the teachings
    contained in the Catholic Church’s millennial Deposit
    of the Faith.

    “Party .. party .. party !”, on the other hand, seems
    rampant in every eatery and non-home today. Kids’ 
    —if any —appetites reign over parent(s)’ budgets . .
    “pilgrims of [ a false because blind ] hope”.

    Are we witnessing an [ UNPAID ] “pied piper” leading
    a parade of “blind mice” ?

    Where to ??

  2. What I would like to know is how any true Catholic would allow themselves to become part of such an non Catholic event which not only denigrates the Catholic faith but which also denigrates the entire clergy and laity who will participate in such a travesty. Once again this is an attempt to, as was mentioned, to legitimize a false Council led by those both inside and outside the Church. Most Catholics have, by now, left the Novus Ordo to attend a traditional Catholic Mass/Church or, sadly attend a non Catholic Church or no church at all. But ,Francis, the consummate public heretic just can’t help himself. Since no prelate who has the authority to officially accuse him of formal heresy, we, the faithful are left w/rotten fruit, bad church teaching and little recourse. We can, however, and must, beg the Holy Ghost for His sacred aid along w/Our Lady for the grace of long suffering in order to offer up, as penance, all that we can in reparation for our own sins.

      1. On the other hand, for the record and to be fair,
        here’s from Pope Benedict XVI, on the FIFTIETH
        anniversary of the Council’s opening, and the
        TWENTIETH of the Catechism of the Catholic
        Church [ BOTH being initiated on the feast of
        the MATERNITY of Mary (Oct. 11) ] . . also declared
        the Year of Faith.

        From Benedict’s Apostolic Letter, PORTA FIDEI, #5 :

        ” . . a good opportunity to HELP PEOPLE understand
        that the texts . . in the words of Bl. John Paul II, ‘have
        lost nothing of their value or brilliance’. They need TO
        BE READ correctly, to be WIDELY KNOWN, and
        TAKEN TO HEART as important and normative texts
        of the Magisterium WITHIN THE CHURCH’S TRADITION
        . . I feel more than ever duty-bound to point to the
        THE CHURCH IN THE 20th CENTURY [ emphasis
        in the original ] . . a sure compass by which to take
        our bearings in the [ 21st ] Century now beginning . . ”

        ” B U T , as Benedict XVI noted in this same
        Letter and elsewhere, the post conciliar period
        HAS BEEN FILLED with ‘grave difficulties,’ especially
        in the Catholic Faithful’s understanding BOTH of
        the Council’ teaching AND of the Faith in general.”

        Granted . . . such post-conciliar turmoil is not unique:
        the Arian Heresy AFTER the Council of Nicea; major
        schisms AFTER Ephesus and Chalcedon; the
        investiture controversy AFTER 1st Lateran Council;
        Protestant ideas planted into Catholic minds AFTER
        the Council of Trent.

        Thus Vat. II upheavals are nothing new . . as when
        many disciples abandoned Our Lord AFTER he
        voiced his teaching on eating and drinking His Body
        and His Blood. ” . . this saying is hard; who can hear it ?”
        They “walked no more with Him.” (Jn 6: 61, 67).

        In the end, to adequately interpret “the spirit of
        Vatican II”, “room was consequently made for
        EVERY WHIM.” [ address to Roman Curia,
        Dec. 22, 2005 }

        And Frankie, in his 10th year, CONTINUES to
        “implement’ HIS whims . . . far and wide.


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