Francis Crushes Traditional Seminarians

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Rumors abound that Francis is going to resign. Don’t believe it or bank on it until he actually does. That rumor has been floated repeatedly for years.




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2 thoughts on “Francis Crushes Traditional Seminarians

  1. I fear we’re going tojump from the frying pan into the fire when Pachapapa is no longer with us…

  2. Anthony, your terrier-like persistence and focus is exceptional and noteworthy! You truly connect the correct and
    related “Pontifical Dots”. My thoughts on this podcast follow.

    “ Fear . . of reprisal, punishment, censure . . “,
 but didn’t those fears already crop up early in the Vatican, as part of the make-up of the “Francis effect”, perhaps the pivital part? This indeed is Francis acting as the by-now well established Dictator Pope. Nothing has changed.

    The levelling of Christ and His Church proceeds apace. So does its replacement with an Idol, with a false christ and a false church. Some Stalin quotes here, to proved a scarier context. Recall that “Uncle Joe” was a “failed” seminarian.
    Expelled from the Seminary. Also, when the Communists invaded Poland, who, under Gen. Pidzulski (??), chased them back to Russia —”the miracle of the Vistula” —Stalin (not his name then) was within metres of being caught, being at the tail-end of that rout. Smart guy. TOO Smart for his own good . . and for Russia’s. [ from: Top 25 Josef Stalin quotes ]
    “ Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?”
    “You know, they are fooling us; there is no God.”
    “I trust no one. Not even myself.” [ . . then who is feeding his non-stop thinking? Satan? ]
    “This creature softened my heart of stone. [ let us apply this to our “kindof Catholic selves”. Our Eucharistic Lord on our Altars — those which haven’t been shut down during “Covid” —is the ONLY “Creature” Who can soften our unbelieving hearts of stone ! ]. She died. [our Faith died] and with her died MY LAST WARM FEELINGS FOR HUMANITY.” [ . . our genuine Love for the Faith. Fr. James Altman is the one Priest who says it like it ought to
    have been said by ALL Bishops! ]
    “Education is a weapon the effect of which is determined by the hands which wield it, by who is to be struck down.”

    “ . . a lawless time in the Church . . “? THE key word underlying any sort of Marxist “process” and “progress”. Interloping —from OUTSIDE; not “organically grown” from within, as in TRUE DEVELOPMENT OF DOCTRINE, à la St.John Henry Newman—lawless Marxists will always run “rough-shod” over any and all “Constitutional Sovereignties”, including that of Christ Himself, when He gave Peter “the Keys of the Kingdom” thus founding the Catholic Church.

    The current Bergoglio’s “Men in Mitres”? Heartless S.O.B.’s ! Heartless because the True Heart —Christ’s Eucharistic Presence Heart as fully present at Mass, in the Tabernacle, and on the Altar for Adoration —has been removed and, once again, been entombed in a new sepulchre, sealed by the stone of Hatred for Holiness and its Source: Christ and His Church. [ . . and I wrote this just now, immediately proceeding to the “living forces” paragraph of this podcast, which confirms it, not for talkative Bob’s sake, but for the sake of the Truth.


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