Francis Betrays Our Lady

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They’re preparing to preemptively stop all future warnings from heaven from being taken seriously.




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2 thoughts on “Francis Betrays Our Lady

  1. Most Loved Anthony ,

    It is very disheartening to hear your message today . Rather than diminish Our Lady the religious “pros” should be on their knees asking to know Her love for them .
    It’s not about Her Immaculate Heart or that She is The Mediatix of Grace , rather , it’s just that “they” do not like the messages.
    To embrace Our Lady’s messages asks of us reparation prayer , to pray The Rosary , and to “do what He tells you” . SAD , as many “brilliant” minds prefer to hold onto their attachments to poor choices – they are unable to be as little children . End result ,
    rebellious priests who advocate man on man “love” and the blessing of deformed identities .

    AND , BTW , “they” should go to the web-site Countdown To The Kingdom and educate themselves about messages which align with an end of times message .
    AND , if “they” can set aside their arrogance they might even listen to present moment evangelical prophets ( the messaging is not all that different from Marian end of times seer’s ) .

    BUT , to each their own . It is by The Grace of God go I .

    Blessings, Dr.Scott

  2. Prairie Grandpa, listening to the reading of this report
    (PAMI), believes it betrays FAITHLESS disposition of
    “players” and their quotes.

    They, THEREBY, are forcing readers and listeners
    to be touched by AND (if possible) influenced by
    PAMI’s UNBELIEF in both Heaven [ the Trinity, the
    Angels, the Saints ] and Earth [ people, events,
    places, and the works of GRACE operating . . .
    according to HEAVEN’S CHOICE ].

    PAMI’s president —Fr. Stefano Cecchin, OFM
    (Franciscan) —is foisting upon the Faithful a
    humanistic, smarter-than-God, “scientific” overlay
    on DIVINE events, and on persons CHOSEN
    BY HEAVEN in those events.

    1/ From Papal Exorcist Fr. Gabriel Amorth [ now
    deceased ], we glean the following BASICS:

    2/ “God is A L L HOLY”. NO SIN, whether venial
    or mortal, can approach His ABSOLUTE
    HOLINESS without the Church’s Sacraments
    [ a good confession & absolution; Holy Communion ],
    and the STILL NECESSARY cleansing of Purgatory
    AFTER death. The pains of PURGATORY [ he hasn’t
    even mentioned Hell yet ] are EXCRUCIATING
     —See Fr. Amorth’s book on Padre Pio.

    Questions :

    “Study centres” . . where “studying” is by social sciences
    experts, for whome the Eucharist and the “Things of
    Heaven” [ Quito 1610; LaSalette; Fatima; Akita; Rwanda ]
    don’t count because they are based upon non-“scientific”
    mere hearsay ??

    “Dialogue between CULTURES” . . YAKITTY-YAK-YAK
    head trips with NO room for conversion of hearts ???

    “. . barriers that can create division” isn’t the same as
    serious DIFFERENCES OF OPINION. In formal
    DEBATES, where the proposition (opinion) is backed
    up by REASONS for or against, is a process which
    Our Lady supports because it employs the GOD-
    INTENDED use of human R E A S O N !

    Whereas PAMI’S talking through crimson skull caps
    does not amount to the Laity’s EXPECTED transparent

    Furthermore, such Ecclesio-speak address the GROUP
    and NOT the sovereign, free, individual PERSON . . .
    and their SOUL and its ETERNAL Salvation !!


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