Francis Apologies To Jimmy Martin & Puts The Conservative Bishops On Notice

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He didn’t reiterate Catholic teaching, he softened it.





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3 thoughts on “Francis Apologies To Jimmy Martin & Puts The Conservative Bishops On Notice

  1. This is an obvious case of “situational ethics” and those who are involved are hoping the laity have forgotten that this is not in accordance w/Catholic teaching. It should also be obvious that Bergoglio is grasping for straws. Many are leaving his church of the sodomite heresy and going to the Traditional Latin Mass churches. God will not be mocked.

    1. God does allow HImself to be mocked.
      It was the chief priests who mocked Him.
      Evil preists like Bergoglio.

  2. Anthony, this man does NOT have Jesus Christ as his
    Mentor or Model, nor the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic
    Church as his “Buckler and Shield”. How CAN he ???

    As you say (@ 10:00 ff ) ” .. Francis, NOT known for listening
    [ yet HE wants TWO YEARS of ‘synodal’ ‘listening’ ! ] .. and
    the many Catholics who know NOTHING of Church History
    [ in the manner that Archbishop Viganò, Bishop Schneider,
    and Leo Cardinal Burke are “DEEP into” Church History ] ”
    . . summed up well; the crux of the confusion.

    The trouble is that know-nothing Catholics—for the very
    reason of their ignorance [ culpable? non-culpable?]—can’t
    know the difference between “Francis” Bergoglio the merely
    human dictator POLITICIAN, and Francis a Holy-Spirit-
    Chosen VICAR OF CHRIST . . a name and THE role he
    has yet to recognize, accept . . AND live out.

    Francis is —in his persistent open-ended ambiguity and
    criminal tight-lipped silence in NOT unpacking the Church’s
    Sacred Deposit of Faith throughout his Pontificate —is
    “aiding and abetting” the apostate path which these LOST
    Sheep continue to pursue.

    So .. Pope “Frankie” .. HOLY by default ???

    Transferring this conversation into the Civil sphere: it
    was vice-CEO Dr. Mike Yaedon who distanced himself
    from Pfizer’s nefarious Big-Pharma de-population
    schemes. Dr. Yaedon identified the BLIND SPOT
    of post WW II & 20th century generations re. REAL
    Evil i.e. they STOPPED at the deeds of Lenin, Stalin,
    Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot . . forever lodged in their collective
    memory and (for many) in their experience.

    But the current GRAND THIEVERY by Globalist,
    Christ-less “Dragons” and their loot is far worse,
    because SILENT [ no guns, boots on the ground,
    prisons, torture and executions ], and digitally spread
    like lightening . . “hackable” NON human beings,
    person-less and fair game for these Big-Money
    Atheist control freaks.

    “Frankie”s track record —and on-going intent —is
    merely the “softer” version of these Civil shenanigans

    . . “to build an idol, a false christ and a false church . . ”
    (Marian Movement of Priests, 1989, #406g ff )

    Let’s take a page from the abandoned Christians
    (CATHOLICS) in Japan, who were without Bishop
    & Priest for 250 years after the Nagazaki persecutions
    and subsequent anti-European regimes. HOW did
    the Faith and their faithfulness survive? Be preserving
    and practising the Church’s Liturgy for Baptism, and
    by LIVING the Church’s Liturgy, year after year,
    generation after generation . . carrying the
    “Tabernacle” of the Mass like the Hebrews did
    the Holy of Holies before the Temple was built.


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