Francis and The New Cardinals Greet Benedict XVI

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There were smiles all around, including from Benedict XVI, who was greeted as if he was still the pope.



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  1. paulpf1860

    As a point of reference: when last we had to deal with anti-popes, it took nearly 40 years for the schism to be straightened out — and under the aegis, no less, of an ecumenical council.

  2. Isaiah

    ““Whereas Benedict XVI, after the annulment of the pontifical ring with the image of Saint Peter the fisher of men, now wears on his finger a copy of the ring that Paul VI gave in 1965 to the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council, depicting Christ surmounted by a cross and flanked by Saint Peter and Saint Paul.”

    Excerpt From: Socci, Antonio. “The Secret of Benedict XVI: Is He Still the Pope?.” Apple Books.”

  3. Michael Dowd

    The continued presence of Benedict, representing Conservative Catholicism, confers on the Francis anti-papacy an air of legitimacy to his revolution of deconstructing Catholicism and replacing it with Freemason socialism. Whether Benedict a party to this devil’s pact is a matter of conjecture.

    As far as the new Cardinals are concerned one surmises that they agree with Francis auto-destruction of the Catholic Church.

    All of this must be intolerable to God. It is also a matter of conjecture how long we have to wait till He decides to do something about it.

      1. Michael Dowd

        paulpfl860. Maybe a schism is what we need now. That may be the only way to cast broad attention of our anti-pope and the Vatican II catastrophe.


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