Francis Ally: Humans Must Go!

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Leonardo Boff says that human beings are the problem, and that there needs to be far fewer of us. He’s a former priest and friend of Pope Francis who says the pope inspired his latest book, which makes that genocidal assertion.



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One thought on “Francis Ally: Humans Must Go!

  1. By now those who have been following Return to Tradition know the plan of “Pope” Francis. That plan quite simply is to make a heaven on earth by following the dictates of technocrats who now have an exacting plan to accomplish that mission. A fundamental element of that plan is a significant reduction of world population. This plan, the Great Reset, is now being executed beginning with the Covid “pandemic” with even more draconian measures sure to follow.

    Catholics should recognize this Bergoglian enterprise as the inevitable conclusion of Vatican II which placed Man as the focus of our attention as opposed to God. Now we are reaping the whirlwind of that catastrophic council. Quite simply the Catholic Church is becoming a tool of the devil to rule mankind.

    What are we do about this deathwork? Be aware, pray to Our Lady for divine intervention, resist, ask God for prudence and courage,


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