Francis Accuses Trads Of Being INFILTRATORS In The Church

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Did he finally get around to reading that copy of INFILTRATION that Dr Taylor Marshall personally handed him?




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10 thoughts on “Francis Accuses Trads Of Being INFILTRATORS In The Church

  1. So far as my “guy on the street” knowledge of the Catholic
    Church has understood it: there are at least TWENTY
    LITURGICAL RITES [legitimate forms of Sacred Worship,
    i.e. the Mass] practised today. They’ve existed within
    the Church—”‘side by side”, in Peace, devoid of any
    “competition” —FOR CENTURIES ( e.g. Coptic; Ambrosian;
    Ukrainian/ Greek Catholic; Mosarabic; Roman/ Latin, Sarum,
    etc. etc.).

    Furthermore . . Benedict XVI has declared that the Apostolic
    Mass —the Latin Mass [ I mean, if it IS the LATIN RITE, what
    else but the LATIN MASS ! ! — has equal rights to be celebrated
    alongside the NEWEST ( only 60 years in existence ) Vatican II
    Mass . . the Novus Ordo Mass.

    So where does Francis “get off” aiming to squelch the
    TLM ?? . . and Traditional Catholic Faithful, INFILTRATORS ?

    Dr. Marshall’s intent in researching his book, INFILTRATION.
    If it has taken him this LONG to READ Dr. Taylor’s book . . .
    well, looks to me like there some “shockery-mockery goin’
    on at the crossroads”!

    Siding with the Sacred Deposit of Faith —and with Pope
    Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum —isn’t rocket science
    nor even science. It’s vigorous SENSUS-FIDELIUM-COMMON
    -SENSE defending the ORDINARY Magisteria of the
    CENTURIES —from the Last Supper and Pentecost until
    this very bright [ at least in Alberta ] sunny morning NOW ! 

    What are we going to do with you, Frankie? . . buy several
    steel containers full of balloons for the opening of your NWO
    false church? It will not get rid of your intermittent scowling.

    But, not to worry: the WHOLE CATHOLIC CHURCH —including
    our tiny prairie family, and thousands more —continues to pray
    FOR YOU! . . every day.

  2. God works in mysterious ways and shows us things if we are paying attention he makes the enemy tell us the truth at times.. I think the word “legion” was no mistake..

  3. One more thought on the comment by Francis stating that Traditional Catholics have infiltrated the Church. Fr. Malachi Martin wrote and had published, a compelling book, Windswept House, before he died. In this book he states in graphic terms that a Black Mass, called the Enthronement of Satan in the Vatican, occurred in St. Paul’s Chapel 8 days after Paul Vi was ordained as pope. This occurred on the twin feasts of both St. Peter and St. Paul. I own and have read this book. Something has always troubled me about it but I could never find an answer to my uneasiness. Suddenly, today, I found that Francis, who enjoys being obtuse and cunning, gave me the answer. It is not Traditional Catholics who have infiltrated the Church but Satan. You see, to my knowledge he, Satan, has never been exorcised from St. Paul’s Chapel because according to the late Fr. Gabriel Amorth, the chief Vatican exorcist at the time, stated that only a true pope, could exorcise Satan from the Vatican. With all the odd and irrational behavior going on w/Francis within and outside his papacy, I suspect his love for anything cruel, demonic, heretical and downright evil etc. will be on the horizon as he attempts to con the aberrant Novus Ordo crowd and the world into believing this portrayal of Traditional Catholics as evil is his way of removing the crater from his own soul onto true Catholics who have been the source of persecution from this very evil man and, if not stopped, will continue to wreck havoc on the Church, its good clergy, its dogma, doctrine and everything Catholic until he breaks the Cross and installs his One World Religion under the rule of Satan. Finally, I read today that Netanyahu has .signed a legal document w/the AntiChrist. Netanyahu, Trump and a Muslim whose name I do not know, are all involved in the creation of the Abrahamic House of the One World Religion. Since Francis is a participant in this as well, we are about to experience more apostasy and persecution. So why are we not being informed of any of this from our prestigious prelates? I would also like you, Anthony, to consider researching this and issuing a video. Thank you.

  4. Thanks Anthony. Great reporting as always. When Francis says Traditionalists are infiltrators I almost see it as him recognizing that he has changed the church… created a new/fake church and that we who are holding onto the Magisterium and teachings of Christ are part of the “other” Church. The real one. And if we are trying to join his fake church we are infiltrators. That would be a true statement. We are not wanted in his fake church. Has a rupture officially occurred in the Catholic Church?

    1. “The task of ECCLESIASTICAL FREEMASONRY is to destroy
      Christ and His Church, building and idol, a fake christ and a
      fake church”  —1989, To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons
      [The Marian Movement of Priests], #406g, “The Beast Like A

  5. “Their numbers are legion” is a very common expression, or “they are legion”, and it is a bit much trying to stretch it into a deliberate reference to the demons driven into the Gadarene swine. The inversion of the truth — saying that the upholders of tradition, the endurance and immutable truth, are infiltrators & demonic — is the constant evidence of the demonic in the Apostate & his clique.

  6. Excellent commentary, Anthony. We are experiencing the unmitigated demolition of the True Church. It’s taken many centuries to accomplish this but we are now very close to its being achieved. There are no words to describe the evil that has occurred for this to have happened. We are all to blame in some way. But in many ways it has opened a door to those of us who, if we are honest and have taken the time to look closely at our own lives, to understand and to begin a sincere undertaking of personal metanoia. In today’s world humility, honesty, meekness and forgiveness are sorely lacking. Our Lady’s sorrows come to mind because she, being our model, has suffered greatly from our own sinfulness. Jesus did not come to live but to die willingly so that we could be saved. Francis has rejected the Gospel and will, unless he repents, suffer eternally for what he has done. His ways are the ways of the world and for that reason he is an antipope whose purpose is to spread the lies of Satan and all who allow themselves to be deceived by his chicanery. We must never give up and never give in. We must put on the armor of God and, as the apostles did, fearlessly and lovingly continue in the faith.

    1. If a woman were berated constantly by her husband, starved, if he sold off her belongings, and she said “In some way, I deserved this,” we would know exactly what to say to her. It is not piety, but enabling the men responsible for this horrific degradation of the Church. Repentance is always a part of the life of faith, but as long as people walk around with this “We deserved to be mistreated, cheated, deprived, derided, degraded” by the men who are supposed to feed, care for, comfort, and cherish us, then we buy the Enemy’s propaganda, which is a mockery of real humility and real repentance.

    2. I don’t believe we are witnessing the demolition of the True Catholic Church at all.. It is a remnant of what it one was but it’s actually growing. The Traditional Catholic Church is growing and that is what scares Francis and his Diabolical League. What we are witnessing is the rise of the New One World Church that will become the seat of the Anti-Christ in the world and is the ape of the True Church. It will have the buildings while we have the faith..


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