Francis Accidentally Stated What The Real Goal of the Synod Is And Why It Will Fail

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You can’t remake the Church and expect it to go well.




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4 thoughts on “Francis Accidentally Stated What The Real Goal of the Synod Is And Why It Will Fail

  1. Anthony, I think you miss a very important tell in Francis’ word salad. He defines “this church” as one that doesn’t evangelize, but “dialogically encounters” (I guess merely saying “dialog” doesn’t sound sophisticated).
    It “weaves fraternal relationships” like the French Revolution.
    It does a whole bunch of stuff that sounds like it hired a New Age consulting company.
    It doesn’t lead. It doesn’t preach the Word. It doesn’t rightly worship God.

    Nowhere in that excruciating solipsistic mess does Francis acknowledge the basic mission of the Church…the right and true worship of God. Further, his definition of “evangelizing presence” (again, New Age-y pretentiousness) actually is the antithesis of true evangelization.

    So, Francis doesn’t refer to the Church, but “this church” as if it is distinct from the other Church. But there is only one Church, which makes saying “this” problematic. Then he defines his church as something that is merely a social entity absent any divine charter; indeed, absent any desire or duty to worship our Creator.

  2. I have found my response to this podcast in your video
    on St. John Bosco { . . together with St. Joseph Cafasso ].

    I believe that there’s not a single Vatican Churchman —
    including Pope Frances —who will not identify his state
    of Soul among the state of “Bosco’s Boys”, whether
    high-spirited or “moth-eaten”.

    And the Laity ?? . . imagine what’s going to come out of
    souls (participants) during the actual Synod !!

    The Church . . “evengelizing herself” ?? But that’s already
    a given: DAILY conversion to Christ ONCE BAPTIZED.
    @2:00 ff ” . . the demanding path of continuous conversion
    and renewal”. Nothing new here. Just forgetten and
    ignored, because of competing [ falso delicioso ] promises
    typical of the World’s come-ons.

    Thus, does Francis actually believe that “continuous
    conversion and renewal” will be the overwhelming fruit
    AND [consequent] practise, AFTER that Synod is
    finished, talked out, and AFTER his usual final
    summary statement ??

    Impossible !! . . because his “Synodal church” will be
    a plausible but false construct over-laying the True
    Church, Christ’s Church.

    Back to Sts. Bosco and Cafasso. John Bosco’s friend
    and fellow Religious refused to hint at the true
    remedy for his unhappy and humourless boys,
    because Don Bosco already knew that remedy. Yes,
    the boys must KNOW they are loved. But that
    translates into REGULAR ” pep talks” and reminders
    on the NECESSITY of ” . . frequent and sincere
    Confession; frequent and devout Communion.”

    Who among those populating the Vatican would
    pass St. Joseph Cafasso’s “Test” right now?

    . . not to mention ourselves !

    Wonderful advice to us for this current LENT,
    Anthony. Very much appreciated!

  3. Francis left the faith many years ago. If you do any research on this you will find numerous examples of his apostasy from the true faith. He was a dogged Peronist; a person highly influenced by power and the ability to use it for his own jaded interpretation and consequent meaning of God. “Church”, “faith” obedience to the Word of God in the Gospel, etc. As a Jesuit with a grounding in Liberation Theology whose goal is to transform the Catholic faith into a political organization which is in lockstep with the atheistic values of the world that are based on godlessness, and unredeemed human will that puts the individual in the position of becoming its own god. This is a large part of what has become the legacy of Francis. All we have to do is look at the fruits of this man’s work to see who he really follows and what he means to accomplish. I believe he is at the end of his reign and that he knows it which is why he is fervently working to make his will and his acts of heresy permanent so that when he dies, these changes will be permanent. My personal belief is that he will fail.

  4. Anthony,

    Your assessment rings True to me and very well researched.

    I will add , to understand , you need to consider what makes Frances “tick” from the angle of his personal life experiences.

    I recall a “documentary” I once watched about his life . One major turning point was the nasty government in Argentina and how he injected himself in a self percieved role as protector of the priests . I recall the inference of his “negotiations” saved lives , Yet, the story told spoke to how some priests thought they were sold out as he “sided” with the government . In his day a “Chamberlain” of appeasement ?

    I think that core person is still there, that person who thinks they can negotiate with “terrorists” ? In other words that person who errantly believes that the grater good can be won by accommodation – not “rigidity”

    Unfortunately, for the many , now , like years ago, speech and actions are perceived as a sell out . Unfortunately,
    The Truth, The Way , and The Life does not compromise . It is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow ( unchanging ) .

    This understanding , as always , circles back to His Cross . We are asked to pick up ours and carry it . We are not told to search out a Simon of Cerene ask ask his help . We are instructed to follow Him and He will help carry the weight by His yoke .

    Blessings, Raphael


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