Fr James Martin Tells Elon Musk How To Make Twitter Worse

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Musk isn’t your friend. At best he’s not interested in suppressing your voice. There’s a difference.



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2 thoughts on “Fr James Martin Tells Elon Musk How To Make Twitter Worse

  1. Musk ?? . . have always loved the look and strength and hairy warmth
    of the massively-horned ARCTIC MUSK OX!

    My favourite SCENT of deodorant during my young-man years was MUSK.
    . . but I haven’t used any smells and spices for half a century.

    ELON MUSK ? . . let’s pray to digital “Whiz-Kid” BLESSED CARLOS ACUTIS
    . . to have a talk with Mr. Musk’s Guardian Angel, for purposes of Catholic
    enlightenment and persuasion.

  2. “Behold Jesus Christ Crucified, who is THE ONLY FOUNDATION
    of our hope. He is our Mediator [ . . his Mother our Mediatrix ]
    and advocate, victim and sacrifice for our sins. He is goodness
    and patience itself. His mercy is moved by the tears of sinners
    and He never refuses pardon and grace to those who ask it
    with a truly contrite and humbled heart. ”
    —St. Charles Borromeo

    Will “listening” —and nothing BUT “listening”, synodal listening
    —bring us back to the Eucharistic Jesus ? FOR SURE it will,
    if our listening is FRIST done before the SILENCE of the
    Tabernacle, or in THE STILLNESS of His meditated Word.

    I’ve just finished reading quite a number of “tweets” in
    that BOTTOMLESS run of tweets! Seems to me that
    most come from, and address, the “top 3 inches of our
    head”. Few from the heart. Fewer still from head-and-
    heart. The furthest thing from true conversation. So
    often we’ve witnessed —haven’t we? —two people
    standing RIGHT NEXT to each other, “glued” to their
    electronic device, where one of them says, “Text
    me”, instead of lowering the dam things and actually
    conversing. We’ve become passionately addicted to
    “the dam things”!

    St. Charles Borromeo assumes the penitent presents
    him/her self IN PERSON before “Jesus Christ
    Crucified” . . where I do “listening” (worthy of the Name)
    and He does all the “talking” . . without words. And
    sometimes the REALITY of the Crucified SAVIOUR
    breaks in, disarms us, and penetrates our dried-up
    hearts with the Love which, up ’til that moment,
    remained hidden (and imprisoned, because of our
    hardness of heart) in His Most Sacred —yet fully
    human — Heart.


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