First The FBI, Now The Vatican Admits To Monitoring Trads

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Given the behavior of some Catholic ‘journalists’ with this story, it kind of makes you wonder if they’re coordinating.




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7 thoughts on “First The FBI, Now The Vatican Admits To Monitoring Trads

  1. A direct quote from St. Teresa of Avila: . “GOD NEVER CHANGES; HE IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW: Let nothing disturb you. Let nothing affright you. All things are passing; Patience achieves all things. Whoever has God wants for nothing. God alone suffices. Have confidence in God.” The true Church of Christ is indefectible. Fr. Chad Ripperger, well known exorcist, recently commented that the demons know their time is short and they are desperate. These enemies of Christ both in the Church and in the world are doubling down and will continue to do so because they know what’s coming and they are afraid of losing their hold on humanity. Stand w/Christ and His Church even if that means suffering. Pray for one another and stay in the state of grace.

  2. “Checks and balances” are NOT a function of democracy.. There were ALWAYS balances between the power of nobles, bishops, estates, different duties, that limited the power of kings and, yes, of popes. The wars, turmoils, internecine combats, have always been the consequence of tyrannical overreach from upper echelons & trying to draw all power & decisions into their own office, their own clique.

    1. So, nothing in papal/ civic political/ ecclesial intrigue has
      changed THAT drastically then, except the steel of stilettos
      being refined to the pixels of digital communications,
      the age of Alexandre VI to the age of modernism, with
      a swathe of good Pontiffs holding up the Church in the
      19th & 20th centuries (Bl. Pius IX; Leo XIII; St. Pius X;
      . . .

  3. Dear Mr.Stein,

    I recall to you your post of about August 1 , 2022 ; you highlighted The Trinitarians of Mary . In the last two several days with Congressional Hearings we know about political FBI activity . Your post today is that
    of Church politic.

    I encourage you to investigate further Mother Lillie and The Trinitarians of Mary .

    The True Story : They have done no wrong, although may have been some of the first to bring to their Bishop stories of priest abuse early 2000’s . That may have earned them naughty list , BUT as your post of 8/1/2022 communicates, they are the real deal , and guided by The Spirit of Fatima and Garabandal .

    Now, 2016 , money transfer is watched as Canadian oil pipe line Catholics from Alberta show up to build a soup kitchen . AND , by timing The Trinitarians go under investigation by their Bishop . The flagship Monestary in Tecate Mexico is lead by a Sister to “revolt” and give a denunciation of the foundress , Mother Lillie ( a living Saint akin to Mother Teresa ) . SO for 7 years there is an “investigation” in which the spiritual battle is TRADITIION vs. whatever.

    Interesting, it very well could by the US investigators could have “colored” the investigation by feeding the Canadians information , the Bishop of Tiajuana information , or The Church information .
    BUT what kind of information ? My guess , it links to organized crime activities on the border as US investigators were also watching donations from the US side. AND, to the extent they injected themselves , they had it all wrong as Moter Lillie by the devils tongue made out to be a monster.

    So now you got Rome out on a limb for actions against the Trinitarians of Mary ( who did nothing wrong ) based upon slander, gossip, and stupidity . BUT , from the Spiritual , it’s evils at its finest , out to destroy goodness and Tradition . AND Rome caught it a place where it rather not be . BUT Rome got there because every investigation is valid until determined not valid . AND you got , let’s say FBI waging the dog ( Rome !! ) .

    Great end of times story !!! Call me 619-437-6622

  4. Great RE-view and RE-minders of the essentials
    of the Faith, Anthony. Thank you again!

    From your current collation of key headlines and
    articles, Princess Gloria von Thurn best sums up
    the German synod SHENANIGANS in plane Lay talk:
    “The activists of the German Synod are ‘political
    functionaries’ who sit at the ‘feeding troughs of
    power’ and feast on the fleshpots . . . ”

    Pretty simple stuff, easily puncturing the HOT
    AIR LUNGS of a “Ranting Roche” and a
    blathering Blätzing, each COMFORTABLE
    keyboard “warriors”. Is that what WE are as
    well? . . and not nervous keyboard button-
    ticklers? . . “warriors” ? . . no bullets whizzing
    past our heads. Ah yes! “The pen is
    mightier than the sword”. Plumb fergot !

    We benefit from a contemplation of the whole
    [ teaching on Charity, AND warning . . ] of the
    second chapter of the first letter of St. John.
    But so also Pope Francis and his “beloved
    circle of friends”. How can we possibly
    compare “notes”, the political/secular with
    the Eternal/ Spiritual? Can’t ! That would be
    merely a “head trip”.

    Better that we both—each without knowing
    of the other, “the left hand not knowing what
    the right hand . . ” etc. —better that we BOTH
    LIVE the Charity which the Apostle —the
    beloved disciple — spells out so simply, so

    1. ALSO, on the very hopeful side, a quote from a
      grade 8 student on tradition: “Ultimately tradition
      gives a person FOOTING when they encounter
      a precipice of doubt —as to whether (or not)
      they BELONG — helping them remember WHO
      THEY ARE.”

      —Grade 8 student, age 15, the concluding
      sentence to her literary analysis of the novel,
      Shadows On The Rock. (Calgary AB Canada)

      We might conveniently let those “Shadows”
      be the Modernist on Chair of Peter, and the
      problematic helmsmen rocking the Barque
      of Peter.


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